Western Series Opener (cont’d)

Thursday, October 28, 2004 G2R2 (Sportsman)
Jeff Kaiser made up for his less-than-stellar Saturday effort with a flag-to-flagger on Sunday, one-and-a-half seconds ahead of Theobald, who in turn was about a half-second in front of Gregory. The first lap was pretty darn exciting, with Cheadle, Rock, Roberts and Sarena Traver all having four-offs. When all four of them properly came in for their checks — all at the same time — it was a convincing enough site picture for Adman ”He’s Not an Adman” Mehmad to follow them into the pits! Of the Four-Offers, Roberts recovered best, taking fifth just ahead of Rock in sixth and just behind Wayne Williams in fourth.

Clark’s (c.) winning sunglasses in action. Meanwhile, Dana “Like a Rolling” Rock (l.) is getting himself into the zone; soon he would take his first Race Series win. Congrats!

Doug Melvin (l.) came back from a long hiatus to race again in Skippy West. Solid podiums — two third-places — showed he hasn’t lost his touch. Quentin Wahl (r.) got a couple of fine fifths.

Yankees & Astros Memorial
On Saturday, everybody’s good behavior was rewarded with 16-lap Memorial. Government Grant Ryley started seventh, with Nonrad alongside. By the start of the second lap, Nonrad Griswold was fourth and Black Jack Ryley (yep, in the space of one weekend, Ryley went from having no nicknames to having two!) fifth. Next lap, Black Jack awarded himself third, then took second a lap later, at the same time Nonrad was snagging third. On lap six they both got around leader Tim Traver, and that’s how they finished: Government Grant, Nonrad, Traver.

Original plans for Adman Mehmad was to just do Lapping on Wednesday. But he had so much fun, he came back Friday to do the Race Weekend — and got a fourth-place in his first-ever race!

Jeff Kaiser (c.) kicked a bit of butt Sunday, winning Sportsman Race Two. Theobald (r.) got second and Gray “Area” Gregory (l.) a well-deserved third.

Despite feeling a bit horny, Ryley scored on Saturday…

The scary devil on the left — Tommy Fogarty — was responsible for bringing the metal headgear. Divi’s considering making it mandatory for all instructors…

Photos by D.G. & K.D.

To all the drivers, thanks for a good weekend, and for recognizing the efforts to make our Series show an even better experience for everyone. We hope to see all of you Guys & Gals at Laguna the third week of November!

Rick Roso

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