What We Do During the Winter

Wednesday, March 30, 2005 Abhi (“Abby”) Ghatak, Senior V.P. of Operations for Skip Barber Racing, wanted to let the entire Skip Barber Racing family know that a lot of hard work is done during the winter, even above and beyond the running of our Western and Southern Series.

Our terrific crews in Lakeville, Conn., Sebring, Fla., and Laguna Seca (Monterey), Calif., have been very busy and very focused on building, re-building and prepping the R/T 2000 race cars. We know you count on us to put the best race car we can on the track, and it is over the winter that we are most busy, building new cars and testing chassis improvements.

We roll in upgrades and improvements on an ongoing basis, and Abhi gives three recent examples: ”We are deep into the testing of a stronger, more durable gearbox; a newly designed rear suspension upright is also being tested, one that’s lighter (less unsprung weight) and stronger; and slated to be phased in over the summer is an all-new pedal box design, which will make car changes and pedal adjustments much faster.”

Here’s wishing all of our customers a fantastic spring and summer of racing, from the crew in Lakeville, Laguna Seca and Sebring!

Laguna Seca: Blake Atherton, Tony Bosso, Ernie Bustamantes, Tom Casey, Ming-Ju Chuang, Ron Dennis, Jared Feekes, Brandon Hammond, Jevon Henderson, Ed Klopf, Terry Mathews, David Protelsch, Paul Robinson, Alex Said, Ben Taylor, Jan Trojan, Tony Vau, F. Cole Viernes, Alan Warneke and Wade Wooten.

Sebring: Dave Arnold, Guy Beaucage, Ross Brawn, Ryan Case, Adam Chilson, Keith Dalton, Dan Dunn, Scott Edgell, Shawn Faust, Joe Gulish, Scott Heinecke, Josh Kaufman, Jason Kiser, Dave LaBarr, Dave Lunneberg, Nick Malas, Jim Nance, Ben Nischwitz, Dan Roerdink, Don Sharp, George Sladky, Bill Treis, Rich Turner, Ryan Wolfe and Josh Zimmerman.

Lakeville: Carl Anstett, Greg Bakula, Adam Berlin, Keith Blanton, Mike Chamberlain, Ryan Conti, Jim Dobrynski, Don Drislane, Tom Eykelhoff, Craig Farr, Marji Finch, Jeremy Genlot, Abhi Ghatak, Patrick Head, Earle Hollings, Eric Ives, Michael Johnson, Mike LaRosa, Gerry LaSalvia, Scott Mayo, Don Morin, Keith Neer, Maura Perry, Darren Peterson, Martin Peterson, Lon Polanis, Andrew Rose, Justin Sampson, Doug Sitter, Joshua Steeves, Wesley Steeves, Jesse Twing, Mike Vellucci. And Bill Wood.

Photos by Rock Rizzo, Jeannette Veitenheimer and Jim Pace

Skip Barber Staff

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