Watch Your [Next] Step!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 Let’s call it the next Next Step.

We’ve re-done the DVD that describes the racing options with Skip Barber following the completion of the Three-Day Racing School. Now a bit more than 5 minutes in length (as opposed to 12 min. for the first iteration), the next Next Step is faster, less expository and more ”emotional.”

Hopefully, your next step is criminally fun braking-and-entering…

Most of the footage is all-new, there’s lots of good on-board, and we ”cover” a lot more tracks than the original. We think it’s a pretty good description of why people like to race with us.

If you are a recent grad, please take a look; if you’re already racing with us, pass the word along to a friend (and you may even spot yourself in the video!).

The new video was crafted by the original director, the very talented Chris Szwedo, with original music written and performed by the band Devious Croll. The script was written by Rick Roso, and the voiceover was accomplished by longtime Skip Barber Racing friend and top-notch DJ, Steve Utterback.

We’ve put a low-resolution copy of The Next Step on the website, but inside of a month we will have DVD copies “in the house” to distribute.

Click here, then scroll down about half-a-page and click on The Next Step.


Rick Roso

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