SBNC Q2: Two V’s Split by a B

Friday, May 13, 2005 LIME ROCK PARK, Conn. – After taking his maiden SBNC win Friday morning, in the afternoon Jordy Vorrath headed out on Lime Rock’s one-and-a-half miles to qualify for Saturday’s race. Clearly in the zone, Vorrath stayed hot and put in a lap of :57.193, setting a new track record for a Skip Barber R/T 2000 — an A.J. Allmendinger record that had been broken just a few hours earlier by Matt Varsha in the morning race.

Allmendinger’s 2001 time was a :57.337. Varsha broke that this morning, turning in a :57.292 on the last lap of the race.

In this afternoon’s qualifying for Saturday’s race, Gerardo Bonilla (:57.268) also beat A.J.’s record, but it still left him second on the grid. For his part, Varsha tried hard but was just a hair off, finishing the session with a :57.324, good for third. Lorenzo Mandarino, Garrett Zine and Cole Nelson round out the first three rows.

Two drivers that should’ve been up front but instead will be starting at the back are David Greco and Alan Sciuto. Greco put his car on its lid — relatively gently — in the Uphill on his out lap. (”I went in just this much too fast,” Greco said, holding his fingers about a millimeter apart.) He was fine, but he’s last on the grid.

Moments after the re-start of the qualifying session, Sciuto, the Snap-On Stars of Karting/Skip Barber Scholarship winner, found himself four-off at the Downhill. Not uncommon, but still a wild ride. This time, however, as Sciuto was doing the right thing and trying to nudge the car gently back onto the track at 100+ mph, the car bottomed on the exit curbing. That threw Sciuto across the track into the wall near pit-in. He’ll start 14th.

The two V-Men, Varsha and Vorrath, brought their cars in halfway through the 35-minute qualifying session to make tire pressure changes and check on who was fast and who wasn’t. By this time, they had each already put up their best laps.

Starting grid, Round 6, SBNC at Lime Rock Park:

1. Jordy Vorrath, White Rock, B.C., Can., :57.193 / 96.305 mph
2. Gerardo Bonilla, Orlando, Fla., :57.268 / 96.179 mph
3. Matt Varsha, Atlanta, :57.324
4. Lorenzo Mandarino, Burnaby, B.C., Can., :57.482
5. Garrett Zine, Rio Linda, Calif., :57.619
6. Cole Nelson, Atwater, Calif., :57.635
7. Peter Ludwig, New Paltz, N.Y., :57.693
8. Pablo Sanchez Lopez, Mexico, :57.750
9. Andy Rossetto, Grafton, Wis., :58.015
10. Richard Heistand, Sunny Isles, Fla., :58.043

11. Paul Albert, Ottawa, Ont., Can., :58.160
12. Winston de Wardt, Steamboat Springs, Colo., :58.411
13. Chris Cook, Coopersburg, Pa., :58.421
14. Alan Sciuto, Orange, Calif., :58.916
15. Jimmy Holden, Tiona, Pa., :59.751
16. David Greco, Italy, no time

For race two, Garrett Zine, fifth-quick, improved three positions from where he had qualified for race one and will start alongside Cole Nelson, winner of round four at VIR.

Rick Roso

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