Celebration of Life: A Race

Saturday, May 14, 2005 After the day’s final Regional and National Skip Barber races, a special race was run. The Michael Johnson Celebration of Life Memorial.

Michael, this one was just for you, okay?


A final note… Series driver Doug Harrison, a very talented videographer, created a wonderful piece — ”Missing Man” — surrounding the weekend and in particular, the Michael Johnson Memorial Race.

Click here to see the video…
The ”Missing Man” formation on the pace lap. That’s where we would have wanted you, MJ.

Just the kind of driver Michael always appreciated: A young, rising star. That’s Pablo Sanchez Lopez, who won the very special Memorial.

The results:
1. Pablo Sanchez Lopez 2. Bobo Bonilla 3. Jameson Riley 4. Sy Aryeh 5. Jim Craige 6. Eric Ives 7. Dom Bastien 8. Nick Spencer 9. Doppler Dave 10. Don Sharp 11. German Perez

Rick Roso

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