‘V’ Stands for Victory — and Varsha and Vorrath

Sunday, July 24, 2005 MONT-TREMBLANT, Que., Can. – Finally getting his day in the sun, Matt Varsha broke through for his first win in the Skip Barber National Championship Presented by RACER, taking round nine in flag-to-flag fashion on Saturday at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. On Sunday, Jordy Vorrath notched his third victory of the year on after a mighty battle

Breakin’ On Through

Saturday, July 23, 2005 Round nine results below; full story Sunday July 23, 2005, Round 9 of 14, Skip Barber National Championship Presented by RACER Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant, 14-turn, 2.65-mile road course Start position in parentheses 1. (1) Matt Varsha, Atlanta, Ga., 14 laps, 78.643 average mph 2. (2) Jordy Vorrath, White Rock, B.C., Canada, 14 3. (5) Cole Nelson,

SBNC Qualifying, Race One

Saturday, July 23, 2005 MONT-TREMBLANT, Que., Can. (July 23) – Remember what we said about Mont-Tremblant not being a drafting track in the same fashion as Road America? Let’s clarify it a bit… If you time a draft perfectly — planned or by accident — it can knock 10ths off your time here. And that’s exactly what Matt Varsha did;

SBNC Official Practice, Mont-Tremblant

Saturday, July 23, 2005 MONT-TREMBLANT, Que., Can. (July 23) – In official SBNC practice, Matt Varsha and Jordy Vorrath were the only two drivers in the :48s — Varsha with a 1:48.318, Vorrath with a :48.571. Points leader Gerardo Bonilla in third through Andy Rossetto in eighth were all in the :49s. Official Practice Session, SBNC at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant:

SBNC Mont-Tremblant: Practice 1 & 2, Lap Times

Friday, July 22, 2005 MONT-TREMBLANT, Que., Can. (July 22) – Skip Barber National Championship Presented by RACER points leader Gerardo Bonilla was quickest in both practice sessions today for this weekend’s races at 2.65-mile Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. “It’s always about putting the little things together,” Bonilla said. “Where you look, processing the info the car gives you, knowing how the

Lime Rock Park

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 Oh, Lordy, Lime Rock was hot — as was the racing. A.J. Riley and Adrian Dixon recorded their first wins while Marketing Manager and company scribe Rick Roso worked as a mechanic for three days (and will no doubt be writing a story about these heroes for whom he has always had a healthy respect, more

Masters National at Road America

Friday, July 08, 2005 The gist of the giant Road America Race Weekend was Jagermeister and dryer riding… No, wait, that’s another story… The real essence of the weekend was Quentin Wahl. Well, at least as far as the Masters National Guys (and gal) were concerned… Wahl had been absent from the Series for more than a year, but showed

Road America!

Thursday, July 07, 2005 With one of the largest sold-out Race Series fields in recent memory — 92 seats were accounted for — it was a giant, fun weekend at Road America: Revere Greist set the best lap of the weekend (2:34.163). Quentin Wahl repeated his double Masters win of 2003. Mike Kolacki took his first win after 23 years.

SBNC: Surprise Winners at Road America

Sunday, July 03, 2005 ELKHART LAKE, Wis. – It was a topsy-turvy race weekend at Road America for rounds seven and eight of the Skip Barber National Championship Presented by RACER. Being a drafting track, keeping yourself in the lead pack gives you as good a chance as any to win. Two drivers — one who hadn’t yet shown front-running

Skip Barber National: Race Two Qualifying

Saturday, July 02, 2005 Race 2 Qualifying, Road America, SBNC, July 2, 2005 Saturday Qualifying session: 1. Jordy Vorrath, 2:32.947 / 94.150 mph 2. Jonathan Goring, 2:33.001 / 94.117 3. Cole Nelson, 2:33.373 4. Andy Rossetto, 2:33.387 5. Matt Davis, 2:33.415 6. Garrett Zine, 2:33.807 7. Gerardo Bonilla, 2:34.347 8. Matt Varsha, 2:34.382 9. Alan Sciuto, 2:34.548 10. Richard Heistand,

Qualifying for Race Two, Masters National

Saturday, July 02, 2005 Race 2 Qualifying, Road America, SB Masters National, July 2, 2005 Saturday Q2 session: 1. Quentin Wahl, 2:34.658 / 93.109 mph 2. Dick Lippert, 2:34.880 3. John Mayes, 2:34.989 4. Peter Tucker, 2:35.235 5. Jeff Kaiser, 2:35.446 6. Chris Willcox, 2:35.538 7. John Greist, 2:35.721 8. Dario Cioti, 2:36.520 9. Jimmy Locke, 2:36.726 10. Mike Edwards,

Sciuto Takes His First SBNC Pole

Friday, July 01, 2005 Race 1 Qualifying, Road America, SBNC, July 1, 2005 Friday Qualifying session, for Saturday Race 1: 1. Alan Sciuto, 2:33.599 / 93.751 mph 2. Cole Nelson, 2:33.696 / 93.691 3. Jordy Vorrath, 2:33.752 4. Jonathan Goring, 2:33.777 5. Andy Rossetto, 2:33.814 6. Gerardo Bonilla, 2:33.932 7. Matt Varsha, 2:34.061 8. Garrett Zine, 2:34.221 9. Richard Heistand,

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