Results: Get Smarter/Gilligan Memorial Enduro

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 The Memorial race story will be included with the Road America Midwest Finale write-up, but in the meantime, here are the results following our consultation with IBM, Accenture and Kelly’s new iPod…

Hill & Pace win the Adams & Denver memorial…

The Get Smarter Gilligan Enduro

1. Rhonda Hill/Jim Pace, 1hr, 21:49.662/27 laps
2. Charles Anti/Jonathan Frost/Duncan Ende
3. Mike Kolacki/2005 SBNC Champion
4. Rick Balsley/Mark Fee/Curt Andrews
5. MHP/Eric Freiberg
6. Mike Gomez/Carlos Llano/Faith Pellien
7. Doppler Dave/Curt Andrews
8. Team Greist/Grant Maiman
9. Matt Jordon/Don Sharp/MHP
10. Dirk Daems/Martin Zimmerman
11. Chris Peters/Ashlei Newkirk
12. Wally/George Sladeky


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