An open letter to Aaron Hollander…..

Sunday, October 16, 2005 Six months and another season has passed and it’s time for another open letter…


I can think of only one word to describe the Skip Barber season that concluded yesterday.


We were treated to the usual great Skip Barber experience—the outstanding coaches; the skilled and dedicated people in pit lane, control tower and hospitality suite; the great tracks; and the camaraderie that Skip Barber engenders.

What was noteworthy this season was the superior preparation and maintenance of the cars, as evidenced by zero break-downs beyond the normal wear and tear inflicted on the cars during the week-ends by skippy drivers. This consistency, I am sure, is the result of many of the rigorous procedures put in place in the last 6 months. And then at each race there were plenty of cars to cover any contingency [what an awesome sight Mt Tremblant offered—50 or so cars down the pit lane]. Combined with great work in the pit lane and in the control tower, this has led to an uninterrupted string of smoothly run and enjoyable race week-ends.

Also exciting was the influx of new drivers, to the point where being a mentor has become a full time occupation!

A great thanks to Abhi and Todd and their skilled and dedicated people for a truly flawless performance. And, Aaron, a great thanks to you for recognizing our concerns, for staffing up and for giving your people the opportunity and the means to do an exceptional job. Onward to the South and West!

PS. This is all well and fine but the toaster in the hospitality suite needs to be replaced. It takes 10 minutes for my cinnamon raisin bagel to get brown; and then I have to pull the darn thing out with a fork and risk electrocution. The rumor [according to Sy] is that the toaster was sourced from some discount bazaar in Shanghai. Please look into the capex budget and let’s get a real American toaster, one that will incinerate any bagel in 30 seconds flat and pop it 3 feet in the air with a loud ring.

Dom Bastien

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