The Ghosts of Lime Rock

Tuesday, November 01, 2005 Even the racing biz is not immune to the whims of goblins, ghosts and monsters, as seen in this startling series of photographs taken Halloween Day at Lime Rock Park. Regular lapper Ichabod Crane thought he was safe, just taking in his weekly ration of seat time at Skip Barber (he’s now down into the 1:01s), when the Headless Horseman (who had set up in B Paddock to no one’s notice, disguised as he was as Instructor Rob Slonaker) experienced a still-mysterious bout of “sudden acceleration” while astride his souped-up Segway and puttered into pitlane whereupon he yanked poor Crane out of his Formula Dodge and then saddled-up himself.

In panicked defense, stopwatches were immediately unsheathed and HH was caught turning laps in the high :56s! Counter-race! (Even superstar goblins have their vulnerabilities, however; his best lap in race direction was a :59.492, though he claimed he “never got a clean lap” and that “backmarkers refuse to watch their mirrors!”)

Unable to shield themselves from his wrath, instructors and mechanics, in quaking fear, soon offered up Sprinters, Neons and finally Vipers — vain attempts all to save their miserable lives. Finally, after smashing Walter “Washington Irving” Irvine’s autocross record like a mushy pumpkin on a porch, the Headless Horseman tired of his toying with Skip Barber Racing and left the circuit posthaste, reaching nearly 13.428 mph on his Segway as he flew over the bridge. For sure we’ve not seen the last of Mr. Horseman…

The Headless Horseman disguised himself as an instructor — then had his way, the staff defenseless.

Caught on film, HH hijacks Mr. Crane’s race car…

Safety first!

The stewards have already endorsed his license for lappng counter-race.

At least he’s keeping his eyes up…

Even ghostly, ghastly ghouls can’t pass up a good photo op…

Used to using a hatchet, flagging came easily to him.

Should we be surprised that he’s also a “Bullitt” fan?

He was one of the few instructors lucky enough to find a marker that wasn’t dried out…

Funny… in this shot, he doesn’t look that much different than other Skippy instructors behind the wheel of a Viper…

Yep, this looks eerily familiar, too…

2.276 seconds later, the Headless Horseman was gone… surely, it must be said, to be seen again…

Walter “Washington” Irvine, immediately after finding out Mr. HH has the new autocross lap record.

Rock Rizzo

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