Are You the Overall Skip Barber U.S. Regional Champion?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 The Third Annual Skip Barber Regional Run-off Championship is coming up soon! It is set for January 6-8, 2006 at Homestead Miami Speedway, as part of rounds five & six of the Southern Championship (and round two of the Southern Triple Crown). This year, almost $50,000 in Race Series (Regional and/or National) credit will be awarded.

You’ll compete in three Regional Run-off races: two “heat races,” with the “A Main” race determining the “2005 Skip Barber Regional Series Champion!”

Regional Race Series Rules & Regulations
Separate Regional Run-off Race Group as part of the regular Race Weekend
Two 30-minute Regional Run-off Practice Sessions
One Regional Run-off Qualifying Session to determine your Heat 1 start position
Where you finish in Heat 1 is your start position for Heat 2
Your combined points from H1 + H2 determines your start position for the winner-takes-all “A Main”

First Place in A Main, $15,000 in seat-time credit
Second Place in A Main, $7,500 in seat-time credit
Third Place in A Main, $5,000 in seat-time credit
First in Each Age Group, A Main: $5,000 in seat-time credit (age groups: up to and incl. 20; 21–29; 30–39; and 40+, note that a double-winner may only select the best of two awards)

Any Regional driver that has competed in at least one Regional Race Weekend in calendar-year 2005
Any National and/or Masters National driver who’s also competed in at least three Regional Race Weekends in calendar-year 2005
Any driver whose first-ever Race Weekend is this Homestead Miami Speedway Regional Race Weekend (i.e., they have to also be entered into the regular Regional Race Weekend at Homestead)

The Homestead Miami Speedway Grand-Am course is a great track to race on. The Grand-Am layout utilizes NASCAR Turns 3 & 4 – state of the art variable banking, up to 20 degrees, makes for huge fun and great racing.

This is going to be lots of fun again, and we want you to be part of it. Call your School & Series Advisor today to throw your helmet into the ring for the Third Annual Skip Barber Regional Run-off Championship!

Rick Roso

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