Skip Barber Announces Presence at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 (copy of Press Release distributed on February 15, 2006)

Skip Barber Racing School LLC announced that it will have a two-month presence at Las Vegas Motor Speedway beginning on May 5, 2006. Skip Barber, the leader in automotive education and entertainment, will host its world-famous Three Day Racing School, newly introduced High Performance Driving School and other programs at the 1500-acre complex located just 12-miles North of the famed Las Vegas Strip.

While the Skip Barber Race Series has held race weekends at LVMS, Skip Barber has never offered an expanded compliment of retail programs. Among the programs on its schedule are: Introduction to Racing, One-Day Combo, the Three Day Racing School and the new High Performance Driving School, which features a new fleet of Porsche 911s and Boxsters, BMW M3s and 330is and Dodge Viper SRT-10s. In addition, Skip Barber Corporate Events is conducting several racing and driving programs specifically produced for companies, their employees and clients.

The presence of the new high performance fleet makes some of Skip Barber’s unique programs even more special. The One-Day Combo, a combination of racing and driving school instruction, is the only program in the country in which customers drive formula racecars and a broad cross- section of high performance street vehicles in the same program curriculum.

Unique to Las Vegas, Skip Barber is offering vacationers and conventioneers exciting thrill rides in a variety of high performance sports cars. Conducted on one of the LVMS road courses, customers will experience five heart-pumping laps with a Skip Barber professional racing instructor at the wheel.

“This is an effort to host more schools and events at a travel destination market.“ said George Ayres, President and Chief Operating Officer for Skip Barber Racing School LLC. He continued, “Las Vegas is convenient through most major air carriers and offers attractive hotel packages. Our customers want to learn how to drive and race at the limit, but they also want to spend time with their families, now they can create a fantastic vacation that appeals to everyone.”

Programs will run on both the in-field exercise areas and on tracks that range in size from 1.1 to 2.4-miles in length. The majority of the programs will run on the North Outside Road Course, however, over the two months of Skip Barber operations, students will use three additional courses: the Full Outside Road Course, South Outside Road Course and Infield Road Course.

“We at Las Vegas Motor Speedway have always prided ourselves on having the most diverse racing facility in the country,” said LVMS general manager Chris Powell. “The addition of Skip Barber in May and June is an example of the wide variety of motor sports entertainment we provide.”

Andrew Torres

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