Skip Barber ‘Scores’ Well in Atlantic

Monday, April 10, 2006 LONG BEACH, Calif. – At the Champ Car Mazda Atlantic season opener in Long Beach, six of the top 15 finishers were Skip Barber Racing alumni – four of those in the top 10 – despite ‘‘losing’’ Skippy instructor Jonathan Bomarito to a mechanical while he was in second place (and chasing down the leader).

Andreas Wirth won, while 2003 Skip Barber National champion Raphael Matos was second. Robbie Pecorari (fifth in the National in 2004) was seventh, Leo Maia (2003 Barber Dodge titlist) ninth and Alan Sciuto (2005 Skip Barber/Stars of Karting Scholarship winner) 10th. Joe D’Agostino (Karting Shoot-out/Regional/National/Barber Dodge) was 11th and David Martinez (Barber Dodge) 12th.

The other Skip Barber drivers were Regional stand-out Duncan Ende (16th), ‘‘Just Al’’ Unser (Barber Dodge) (19th) and Bomarito (MDNF).

Results, Champ car Mazda Atlantic, Long Beach:
1) Andreas Wirth, Forsythe Championship Racing, 32 laps
2) Raphael Matos, Sierra Sierra Enterprises, + 0.839
3) James Hinchcliffem Forsythe Championship Racing, +3.058
4) Simon Pagenaud, Team Australia, +3.867
5) Graham Rahal, Mi-Jack Conquest Racing, + 9.878
6) Danilo Dirani, Condor Motorsports, +11.400
7) Robbie Pecorari, Gelles Racing, +14.668
8) Alex Barron, Polestar Racing Group, +16.912
9) Leonardo Maia, Forsythe Championship Racing, +17.947
10) Alan Sciuto, Polestar Racing Group, +18.708
11) Joe D’Agostino, Newman/Wachs Racing, + 20.052
12) David Martinez, US RaceTronics, +26.267
13) James Davison, Team Australia, +27.091
14) Kyle Kelley, McAtee Motorsports, +27.709
15) Luis Schiavo, Brooks Associates Racing, + 29.686
16) Duncan Ende, Bite Racing, +54.006
17) Dan Selznick, The Room Store, +57.743
18) Norbert Siedler, Brooks Associates Racing, 31 laps
19) Al Unser, Brooks Associates Racing, 31
20) Daniel Gaunt, Newman/Wachs Racing, 31
21) Brian McAtee, McAtee Motorsports, 31
22) Charles Hall, Transnet Racing, contact
23) Jonathan Bomarito, PR1 Motorsports, mechanical
24) Justin Sofio, Mathiasen Motorsports, 10 laps, running
25) Tim Bridgman, Epson Team Jensen, contact
26) Stephen Simpson, Gelles Racing, contact
27) Ryan Spencer-Smith, NCDL Tech, contact
28) Richard Philippe, Forsythe Championship Racing, contact

Rick Roso

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