Western Opener, National Finale

Thursday, October 26, 2006 TOOELE, Utah – We asked the locals: It’s pronounced ”two – WILL – a.” Okay, with that out of the way, we woke up to “two-WILL-a” inches of snow! No worries, it wasn’t sticking to the track. Today was a Lapping day for the Regional and National drivers. No time sheets, but the fast competitors were in the low one-minute :40s to mid :39s on the 2.2-mile, 10-turn West Course layout of Miller Motorsports Park. Your humble scribe took some laps putting miles on the T-car (testing new rear calipers) and can tell you it is a fast, fun circuit. One is like an oval — brake, turn-in early, let the banking keep you down, then get on the throttle… Turn three: very fast third gear left, difficult to get just right… The “Devil” complex (T7) is two and a half apexes of lefthand, slightly downhill fun. Bottom line: Miller West is a technical circuit that looks to be the perfect venue to open the 2006-2007 Western Series — and decide the 2006 Skip Barber National Presented by RACER championship…

Even the Salt Lake Citians thought 2 inches of snow had come a bit early.

A little snow and ice doesn’t slow us down…

National drivers during one of the sessions.

The T10 hairpin. Like many of the corners on Miller’s West Course, you turn in a bit earlier than you would think because the corners open up so well at the exits.

Not even 14 (that’ll be in January), Jessica Brunelli could be the next… Julia Landauer!

Skip Barber National title contender Jonathan Goring performs his racer-tape levitation act.

Rick Roso

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