Southern Series Opener at Road Atlanta

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The 2006-2007 Skip Barber Southern Series opened at Road Atlanta. Two Championship groups and two Sportsman groups went at in the hills just north of Atlanta…

G1R1 (Championship)

Ricky Taylor won Saturday’s race after a fine duel with Revere Greist.

Jeff Relic was able to take advantage of Greist’s mistake late in the race to pick up a solid P2.

Paul Arnold came up from the fourth row to grab a podium.

G1R2 (Championship)

Taylor led every lap in Sunday’s race — and set a new R/T 2000 lap record of 1:37.296.

Julia Landauer scythed her way forward on Sunday, taking second place from Jeff Relic with two to go.

Revere didn’t change his name to T.G., Jr., — but he did grab third place on Sunday.

G3R1 (Sportsman)

Jim Booth (8) and John Potter (44) put on areally good show during Saturday’s race, Booth eventually coming to the good, about 8/10s of a second ahead of Potter. This is Potter’s pass in T10 on lap eight.

The number 58 of Joe Buffa and the 23 of Antonio DiBenedetto ran even closer in Turn 10 than Booth and Potter. Buffa finished third, DiBenedetto fourth.

G3R2 (Sportsman)

Jim Booth went flag to flag up front in the Sunday race. Here he is flying under the T12 bridge.

Antonio DiBenedetto got a podium on Sunday, about one second in front of Hamilton Smith.

Hamilton Smith drove well to a P3.

G4R1 (Championship)

Winner Hayden Duerson doing it to Dad on Saturday.

Julia Landauer (58) follows Ryan Booth (33) with a bit of a wide track-out in Seven. She worked her way to third at the end.

Matt Ferris grabbed third in Saturday’s race.

G4R2 (Championship)

Hayden and Julia went at it again on Sunday. The two kids put on agreat show as Julia took the lead (and brought Ryan Booth with her) with two laps to go, but Hayden got past both of them on the last lap for the win.

Ryan Booth. in T10.

This is what it looked like in 10 almost every lap.

G5R1 (Sportsman)

Jeff Oleen had to fend off Jeff Green and Bruce Byerly for the Saturday win.

Bruce Byerly lost second place mid-race but got it back with just a couple of laps to go.

Jeff Green had his work cut out for him, starting 10th. On lap seven he went from fifth to second and eventually finished third — a 10th of a second behind Byerly.

G5R2 (Sportsman)

Jeff Oleen had John Potter just behind him the whole race but was able to get his second win of the weekend.

John Potter hustling through T3, chasing Oleen.

Antonio DiBenedetto (23 blue) had to work his up through traffic from 10th on the grid to earn his third place on Sunday.

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