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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ricky Taylor took pole for Road America race one with a time that was 7/10s quicker than anyone else.

ELKHART LAKE, Wis. – In the three practice sessions leading up to qualifying for race one at Road America in the BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National Presented by Mazda, three different drivers topped the charts. In the first lapping session (with the Skip Barber Formula 2000s not yet ballasted for weight), Gabby Chaves put in a draft-assisted 2:31.939 that was well up on next fastest Kyle Lawrence’s 2:33.447. Blake Kreiger, Jonathan Gore and Ricky Taylor were in the mid-:34s and low :35s.

In the next lapping session (still unballasted), Lawrence nipped Timmy Megenbier, 2:33.729 to 2:33.886. Josef Newgarden, A.J. Riley and Taylor rounded out the top five.

In official practice – cars weighted – multi-time Midwest Regional champion Revere Greist topped an incredibly close session; the five fastest drivers were within 2/10s. Greist had a 2:33.767, which he did on the last lap, while Newgarden’s 2:33.777 was done on his second lap. Taylor was next at 2:33.880, then Chaves with a 2:33.883 and Fabio Orsolon with a 2:33.936. Points leader Joel Miller was sixth-quick at 2:34.314.

But when it came to qualifying for race one Saturday, Taylor kicked butt with a 2:32.619, timing his drafts correctly to head Lawrence’s 2:33.312. Greist, Riley, Miller, Chaves, Megenbier, Juan Pablo Contreras, Jonathan Gore and Stevan McAleer rounded out the top 10.

Skip Barber National, Saturday Qualifying for race one, Road America

1. Ricky Taylor 2:32.619
2. Kyle Lawrence, 2:33.312
3. Revere Greist 2:33.331
4. A.J. Riley, 2:33.440
5. Joel Miller, 2:33.510
6. Gabby Chaves, 2:33.596
7. Timmy Megenbier, 2:33.803
8. Juan Pablo Contreras, 2:33.811
9. Jonathan Gore, 2:33.888
10. Stevan McAleer, 2:34.032
11. Fabio Orsolon, 2:34.062
12. Josef Newgarden, 2:34.434
13. Quentin Wahl (M), 2:34.518
14. Dom Bastien (M), 2:34.526
15. John Greist (M), 2:34.633
16. Jeff Oleen, 2:34.886
17. Taz Smith, 2:35.233
18. Julien Gerbi, 2:35.313
19. Juan Carlos Sistos, 2:35.420
20. Dick Lippert (M), 2:35.594
21. Dion Von Moltke, 2:35.968
22. Lee Carpentier, 2:36.492
23. Lindsey Adams, 2:36.817
24. Harsha Sen (M), 2:37.648
25. Jeffrey Pietz (M), 2:43.311
26. Marc Bastien, 2:43.532
27. Jeff Kaiser (M), no time

Kyle Lawrence (56) qualified on the outside front row. Here in Turn Three, behind Lawrence is Timmy Megenbier (47), Revere Greist (19) and Joel Miller (25).

Revere Greist, though not a National regular, surpised no one with his qualifying effort (P3). He’s won a ton of races in the MIdwest Regional wars, including many here at Road America.

A.J. Riley is second in points to Joel Miller heading into the weekend; he qualified fourth for race one.

Points leader Joel Miller will grid fifth for the first Road America race.

Formula BMW driver Lindsey Adams brought her terrific breast cancer awareness efforts to the Skip Barber National. A television show on DirecTV will highlight her weekend at Road America.

Rick Roso

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