SBN at Sebring: Q2 for race two

Friday, March 14, 2008 Friday March 14
Qualifying order for race two
BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National Presented by Mazda
Sebring International Raceway, 3.7-miles

SEBRING, Fla. (March 14) – In the manner that Felipe Polehtto blitzed the field in qualifying for race one, so did Fabio Orsolon for race two. Orsolon put up a 2:21.041 to take pole, 9/10s quicker than next-best Josef Newgarden. The gap underscores the importance of timing your drafts on all three of Sebring’s longest straights; Fabio did it best.

Fabulously named Fabio Orsolon rocketed to pole for race two.

The surprise of the morning was Hamilton Smith. With just 10 Regional races under his belt, Smith qualified an astounding third, ahead of Michael DeNino and Polehtto.

Gabby Chaves did not qualify, as he is on his way overseas to another race weekend.

By the way, the lap times are more than 2 seconds quicker than the usual Sebring full course times of the Skip Barber F2000s on slicks. BFGoodrich came out with a new two-groove g-Force R1 race slick that the drivers have been praising to the rafters. Braking is stellar and the tires don’t fall away nearly as soon as the older ones did.

Qualifying order for race two, Skip Barber National at Sebring International:

1. Fabio Orsolon, 2:21.041
2. Josef Newgarden, 2:21.958
3. Hamilton Smith, 2:22.373
4. Michael DeNino, 2:22.934
5. Felipe Polehtto, 2:23.038
6. Conner De Phillippi, 2:23.403
7. Conor Daly, 2:23.611
8. Chris Holmes, 2:23.732
9. A.J. Riley, 2:23.777
10. Revere Greist, 2:23.872
11. Nick Tonkin, 2:23.958
12. Tyler Schaal, 2:24.036
13. Ryan Booth, 2:24.051
14. Hayden Duerson, 2:24.199
15. Stevan McAleer, 2:24.219
16. Marcio Pasaneli, 2:24.315
17. Mark Bumgarner, 2:24.417
18. Jeff Oleen, 2:24.575
19. Dom Bastien, 2:24.687
20. Eion Ryan, 2:24.736
21. Peter Tucker, 2:24.765
22. Dale Kistler-Collins, 2:24.819
23. Thiago Calvet, 2:25.048
24. Dex Tuttle, 2:25.120
25. Lee Carpentier, 2:25.633
26. Jose Polido, 2:26.935
27. Andre Polido, 2:30.419

Josef Newgarden bounced back from his less than stellar qualifying result for race one with a solid P2 for race two.

Hamilton Smith was uncommonly good, qualifying third-fastest.

Rick Roso

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