MAZDASPEED Challenge Invitational Qualifying, LRP

Saturday, May 24, 2008


LIME ROCK PARK, Conn. – A.J. Riley was quickest in the separate qualifying sessions for the two Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge Memorial Day Invitational races at Lime Rock Park – but he’ll start from pole in only one of them. In Q1, Riley, in a backup car, nipped Peter Ludwig by .006 for fastest lap. But because he had crashed (in the Uphill) on his initial out lap, MAZDASPEED Challenge rules require that he start at the back for race one on Saturday. In Q2, Riley was clean and green the whole session and took pole by .718 over Danny Steyn.

”I went into the Uphill at what I thought was less than 100 percent, but it felt really slippery to me and the car started to go around,” Riley said. ”By the time I got it straight I was out of room and into the tires.”

The Riley Q1 incident, though it didn’t severely hurt the car, required some major repositioning of the tire barrier and by the time that was complete, the result was there was only enough time left in the session for four hot laps.

Grid order, Lime Rock MAZDASPEED Challenge Memorial Day Invitational, Race One:

Peter Ludwig, 1:06.126
Danny Steyn, 1:06.319
Sy Aryeh, 1:07.024
Chris Brown, 1:07.582
Lee Carpentier, 1:07.812
Ron Cohn, 1:07.883
Justin Piscitell, 1:07.941
Frank DeNicola, 1:08.427
Curt Riley, 1:08.673
Kieron J. O’Rourke, 1:08.682
Carl Mehne, 1:08.967
Ralf Ludwig, 1:09.110
Russell Gee, 1:09.764
Al Delattre, 1:10.239
Dan Moen, 1:10.694
Michael Luzich, 1:11.452
A.J. Riley, 1:06.120

Grid order, Lime Rock MAZDASPEED Challenge Memorial Day Invitational, Race Two:

A.J. Riley, 1:05.200
Danny Steyn, 1:05.918
Peter Ludwig, 1:06.274
Lee Carpentier, 1:06.688
Sy Aryeh, 1:06.782
Kieron J. O’Rourke, 1:06.930
Chris Brown, 1:06.998
Ron Cohn, 1:07.224
Curt Riley, 1:07.258
Justin Piscitell, 1:07.344
Carl Mehne, 1:07.694
Russell Gee, 1:07.979
Dan Moen, 1:07.986
Ralf Ludwig, 1:08.087
Frank DeNicola, 1:08.568
Michael Luzich, 1:08.960
Al Delattre, 1:09.283

A.J. Riley will start at the very back in race one and at the very front in race two.

Never count Peter Ludwig out when it comes to races at Lime Rock.

Lee Carpentier is a regular in the BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National Presented by Mazda. He qualified sixth and fourth, respectively, in the two MAZDASPEED Challenge races.

Sy Aryeh has a good record when it comes to Skip Barber Invitational races.

Danny Steyn, third and second on the grids, will see if he can keep Ludwig and Riley honest. Photo by Greg Clark

Words & photos, Rick Roso

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