Lime Rock Construction Update: Schools Re-Open July 1

Tuesday, June 03, 2008 LAKEVILLE, Conn. – The very first people to drive on the completed first phase of the multi-million dollar upgrades to Lime Rock Park can be you, a Skip Barber customer! And how do you do that?

The multi-million dollar Lime Rock track improvements are not a simple re-paving. Here’s Big Bend being broken up down to the base layer.

Easy… Sign up for one of the schools scheduled throughout July and August. Lime Rock re-opens for Skip Barber business July 1 (there’s still room in that Intro to Racing class). People enrolled in these Skip Barber Schools will be the first to experience the all-new paving, the all-new Uphill Corner, and the all-new West Bend configuration. You’ll be a part of racing history!

Don’t pass up this chance… if you’ve ever thought of enrolling in a Skip Barber program at Lime Rock Park, choosing a school in July or August is the perfect time. There’s even a July 14-16 Three Day Racing School scheduled immediately after the big ALMS race weekend with a couple seats available! Call a Skip Barber School & Series Advisor soon to ensure your place in racing history…

Call 800.221.1131 or go to for all the information. You can even register online.

When the track re-opens July 1 for Skip Barber Schools, the new, optional West Bend corner complex will be ready to go.

The front straight has a solid base layer, so it’s being scraped, shaved and leveled before the new tarmac goes down.

In this shot you can see how far down the engineers wanted to dig for some parts of the track in order to properly lay the new pavement. This photo is basically from the turn-in point for Big Bend.

Rick Roso

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