12 Hours of Sebring wrap up – Lyons and Trebing take key National wins

Saturday, March 20, 2010 Sebring, Fla. (Mar. 20) Sophomore driver Isaac Lyons picked up his first Skip Barber National win while Dennis Trebing became the first repeat winner of the 2010 season this weekend at Sebring International Raceway. The weekend results helped to tighten in the sharp end of the point standings.

Round 3
Brazilian driver Nicolas Costa scored his first career Skip Barber National pole after several drivers were caught out by chain reaction contact going into the hairpin, which ruined their last shots to best Costa’s time from early in the session. Costa and Nick Andries led the field to green on Thursday afternoon.

At the start, the third starting Ashley Freiberg got the jump, taking the lead for the first lap of the race. The main battle of the race became between Floridians Dennis Trebing and Spencer Pigot and Irishman Isaac Lyons. At 3.7 miles and with 17 turns all told, Sebring International Raceway favors drivers experienced with the track and with the draft. As the more experienced (and familiar with each other ) drivers worked together to get toward the front, rookie drivers like polesitter Costa were at a disadvantage, finding themselves dropping in the order as the race progressed.

One driver getting quickly acclimated to Sebring International Raceway and the Skip Barber Race Series in general was Daniel Lloyd. The Englishman started the race from the 12th position, but quickly worked his way to the front, getting to third by the end of the second lap and holding his own against his more experienced competitors. He got himself back up to second behind Lyons late in the race before being shuffled back to fifth at the finish, his first top five finish in not only this third ever Skip Barber Race Series event, but his third ever open wheel race.

Out front the last lap turned into a three-way battle between Lyons and the MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development duo of Spencer Pigot and Felix Serralles. Going into 17 for the final time, Lyons was able to protect his lead just enough to prevent either of his followers from outbraking him. While Pigot did get one last chance to pop coming to the line it was Isaac Lyons picking up the win by .126 of a second over Pigot. Serralles was a little over a second back, holding off Nick Andries for third. After the aforementioned Lloyd in fifth place came Dennis Trebing, who led laps early before fading to sixth. Luis Michael Dцrrbecker put in a solid run to back up this progress at Homestead with a seventh, followed by polesitter Nicolas Costa, who was thwarted by mechanical issues, and Mukul Sud while Scott Anderson rounded out the top ten.

Round 4
Daniel Lloyd continued his rapid progress in American open wheel racing by taking the pole position for Round 4. The qualifying session was interrupted by a black flag brought out for an incident between Skip Barber Cup driver Jim Norman and series newcomer Thomas McGregor in Turn 1 that severely damaged both cars. Both drivers walked away but had to go to spare cars for the race.

Lloyd and Dennis Trebing led the field to the green for the start of Round 4. Like each of the three previous races of the season, Round 4 became a chess match of drafting and momentum. Spencer Pigot led the first lap before being overtaken by Lloyd, who was then overtaken by Round 3 winner Isaac Lyons. A run through the grass at the exit of Turn 16 onto Sebring International Raceway’s long back straightaway left Lloyd’s radiators full of debris, leading to an overheating issue that saw him drop back from the lead pack. He would end up 11th. Meanwhile the drivers in the lead pack began to do their thing; working together before settling things among themselves. All that cooperation went out the window on the penultimate lap, as a scramble for position between positions two through seven allowed Trebing, the leader since Lap 4, to break away from the pack in a slow corner so that by the time the cars were moving fast enough for the draft to work, he was gone.

With proud father Ralf standing on the pit wall to watch, Dennis Trebing cruised to an almost unheard of in the Skip Barber National six-second margin of victory over fellow Floridians Felix Serralles and Spencer Pigot. Isaac Lyons, as high as 2nd on the last lap, got caught out in the shuffle and finished his strongest weekend to date in fourth. Ashley Freiberg rebounded from both a Round 3 blocking penalty and a mechanical problem in Round 4 qualifying to pick up her second top five of the season. Scott Anderson picked up his best result to date with a sixth ahead of Nick Andries. Michael Dцrrbecker, who started last after missing qualifying because of, what could be a first in racing history, an iPod sync problem that changed the time zone on his alarm back to that of his home in Mexico, picked up seven positions to finish eighth ahead of Nicolas Costa and Mukul Sud.

With one win and four podiums in four races, Spencer Pigot holds onto the point lead by seven over Isaac Lyons while two-time winner Dennis Trebing moves back into third place by nine over Nick Andries with Felix Serralles rounding out the top five. At this point in the season the championship is wide open. Pigot’s consistency and Trebing’s wins aside, no one has yet established themselves as the dominant force in the 2010 season.

With 63 points earned on the weekend, Isaac Lyons picked up the $500 Winner Circle bonus from Spencer Pigot and Felix Serralles each scored 62 points during the weekend and will split the other $500 awarded by

RESULTS BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National Presented by Mazda
March 18, 2010, Round 3 of 14, Sebring International Raceway, 17 turn, 3.7 mile road course
(Starting position in parentheses)
1. (5) Isaac Lyons, Northern Ireland, 10 laps, 91.565 average mph
2. (4) Spencer Pigot, Windermere, Fla., 10
3. (6) Felix Serralles, Haines City, Fla., 10
4. (2) Nick Andries, Pinellas Park, Fla., 10
5. (12) Daniel Lloyd, England, 10
6. (7) Dennis Trebing, Cape Coral, Fla., 10
7. (9) Luis Michael Dцrrbecker, Mexico, 10
8. (1) Nicolas Costa, Brazil, 10
9. (11) Mukul Sud, India, 10
10. (13) Scott Anderson, Fort Collins, Colo., 10
11. (8) Jim Norman-S, Tampa, Fla., 10
12. (15) Thomas McGregor, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada, 10
13. (10) Brandon Newey, Indianapolis, Ind., 10
14. (3) Ashley Freiberg, Homer Glen, Ill., 10
15. (14) Danilo Estrela, Brazil, 10

Race length: 10 laps of 3.7-mile road course for 37 miles
Time of race: 24 minutes, 13.257 seconds
Conditions: Sunny and warm
Margin of victory: 0.126 sec.
Lap leaders: Ashley Freiberg 1; Dennis Trebing 2-3; Isaac Lyons 4; Trebing 5; Spencer Pigot 6; Lyons 7-10
Cautions: None
Fastest qualifier: Nicolas Costa, 2:21.855 / 93.899 mph
Fastest race lap: Serralles, 2:22.842 / 93.250 mph, Lap 7

March 19, 2010, Round 4 of 14, Sebring International Raceway, 17 turn, 3.7 mile road course
(Starting position in parentheses)
1. (2) Dennis Trebing, Cape Coral, Fla., 9 laps, 92.317 average mph
2. (4) Felix Serralles, Haines City, Fla., 9
3. (3) Spencer Pigot, Windermere, Fla., 9
4. (7) Isaac Lyons, Northern Ireland, 9
5. (10) Ashley Freiberg, Homer Glen, Ill., 9
6. (9) Scott Anderson, Fort Collins, Colo., 9
7. (5) Nick Andries, Pinellas Park, Fla., 9
8. (15) Luis Michael Dorrbecker, Mexico, 9
9. (6) Nicolas Costa, Brazil, 9
10. (8) Mukul Sud, India, 9
11. (1) Daniel Lloyd, England, 9
12. (13) Thomas McGregor, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada, 9
13. (11) Brandon Newey, Indianapolis, Ind., 9
14. (12) Danilo Estrela, Brazil, 9
15. (14) Jim Norman-S, Tampa, Fla., 9

Race length: 9 laps of 3.7-mile road course for 33.3 miles
Time of race: 21 minutes, 38.569 seconds
Conditions: Sunny and warm
Margin of victory: 5.861 sec.
Lap leaders: Spencer Pigot 1; Daniel Lloyd 2; Isaac Lyons 3; Dennis Trebing 4-9
Cautions: None
Fastest qualifier: Lloyd, 2:23.020 / 93.134 mph
Fastest race lap: Trebing, 2:22.917 / 93.201 mph, Lap 7

2010 Skip Barber National points standings after 4 of 14 rounds, top 10 drivers:
1. Spencer Pigot, 128 points
2. Isaac Lyons, 121
3. Dennis Trebing, 119
4. Nick Andries, 110
5. Felix Serralles, 107
6. Nicolas Costa, 100
7. Ashley Freiberg, 96
T8. Daniel Lloyd, 89
T8. Scott Anderson, 89
10. Luis Michael Dцrrbecker, 87

2010 Skip Barber Cup points standings after 4 of 14 rounds, top 3 drivers:
1. Jim Norman, 132
2. Brian Skinner, 62

3. John Giddens, 58

More often than not the field was this close…

Isaac Lyons (49) wins his first Skip Barber National Race at Sebring International

On the podium-less podium on Thursday, being the tallest helps when you win. The Round 3 podium (l. to r.) Spencer Pigot (2nd), Isaac Lyons (1st), Felix Serralles (3rd) and Skip Barber Cup winner Jim Norman

Like a fish to water: with a 5th and a pole in just his second weekend of open-wheel racing, Daniel Lloyd (93) is a quick study.

Dennis Trebing takes his second checkered flag of the season

Game on! (l. to r.) Spencer Pigot, Dennis Trebing, Felix Serralles and Jim Norman party it up on the Sebring podium.

Words by Jim Altemus, images by Kelly Brouillet

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