Bosch Engineering 250 – Trebing on pole for Round 5

Friday, April 23, 2010 This weekend marks rounds five and six of the BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National Presented by Mazda at Virginia International Raceway. After the first two lapping sessions, it looked like qualifying was shaping up to be marred by numerous four-offs, spins, blocking and yellow flags. But that was before Skip Barber driver coach Phil Lombardi led a seminar for the gathered National drivers on sportsmanship and driver etiquette. The drivers must have taken it to heart because the first qualifying session of the weekend was completely clean!

Each lap seemed to bring a new leader, with everyone putting in a strong effort. By the end of the first lap, the first eight cars had separated from the group, with Isaac Lyons and the end of the pack, using the space to his advantage. In lap three, Michael Dцrrbecker started off strong, setting the fastest lap yet with a 2:15.485, followed by Scott Anderson and Dennis Trebing. Less than one lap later, Trebing grabbed the pole followed by Isaac Lyons in P2, which was remarkable considering this was Isaac’s first session on the track in a year! Spencer Pigot was next in the game of musical chairs for pole position, only to have Felix Serralles then grab the top position. There was a good deal of teamwork in this session with Ashley Freiberg and Spencer Pigot working together, drafting off each other, and Serralles and Nick Andries were doing the same. Scott Anderson had his best qualifying yet with a fifth place position, and Isaac Lyons should be incredibly happy with sixth. Lyons was stranded in Europe because of the Icelandic volcano and only made it to the states late Friday night. Dennis Trebing, broken hand and all, made it out on top, qualifying with a 2:12:874 lap time, followed by Felix Serralles (2:13.617) and Ashley Freiberg (2.13.689). Spencer Pigot (2:13.848) and Scott Anderson (2:14.628) rounded out the top five.

Friday, April 23, starting grid for Saturday Race 1 (round 5 of 14)
BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National Presented by Mazda, Sebring Virginia International Raceway
3.27-mile, 20-turn road course

1. Dennis Trebing, 2:12:874 sec., 88.958 mph
2. Felix Serralles, 2:13.617
3. Ashley Freiberg, 2.13.689
4. Spencer Pigot, 2:13.848
5. Scott Anderson, 2:14.628
6. Isaac Lyons, 2:14.435
7. Nick Andries, 2:14.622
8. Luis Michael Dцrrbecker, 2:14.660
9. Mukul Sud, 2:14.921
10. Daniel Lloyd, 2:14.929
11. Brandon Newey, 2:15.517)
12. Brian Cook, 2:19.655

Next up
Round 5 of 14 of the 2010 BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National Presented by Mazda takes the green flag at 9am tomorrow morning. Follow the races almost live on and look for the race weekend wrap-up on

Kelly Brouillet

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