Summer Series at Road America

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Words by Diana Rice, photos by Kelly Brouillet

Lakeville, Conn. (Jun. 13). Road America is known for its good times and challenging turns, and the Skip Barber Summer Series racers experienced no less. The weekend highlighted several strong rookies and even crowned a first time winner when Scott Hargrove won group five race two. Michael Johnson also claimed another victory proving he’s on a quest for the big prize. The groups were big, the smiles were bigger and the party never stopped. That’s the beauty of Road America.


Group 1 Race 1 – Skip Barber Formula Summer Series
Group 1, Race 1 started out cleanly in a nice single file line, a little jostling went on in the back of the pack. The field was side by side all the way back to row three, and single file out of the carousel, with Chase Patzer leading Shelby Blackstock. Lap two brought changes when Jack Mitchell Jr. led followed by Shelby, Dean Patzer and Chase Patzer. They went single file into turn one and “oh good lord what a mess”! Dean Patzer went down on the inside of Chase Patzer in turn five and they went side by side into turn six. Shelby held down fourth position, and the rest were still single file. Chase Patzer led Dean Patzer with a possible pop for the lead. In lap three, Jack Mitchell led going under the bridge. Alexander Peraza got into the back of Keith Green which caused Keith to spin. The Patzer brothers got split up by about five car lengths. Jack Mitchell Jr. and the Patzer boys were running together by lap five while Strelzoff held down sixth position. The top three broke away from the rest. Bryan Hixon had a huge moment in the carousel with car contact into the kink in the inside. Dean Patzer got into Jack Mitchell Jr. at turn three and all cars continued. A double yellow came out, and all drivers did the right thing and behaved. There was a clean restart on lap six where Shelby Blackstock took the lead going up the hill. Dr. Mike must have “gotten a whale of a restart” as Shelby went back to second position behind Dr. Mike with a pop going down to turn 11B. The white flag came out on lap nine with no changes. Shelby took the win followed by Chase Patzer and Dr. Mike Edwards.

Grand Master Pat Daly

Group 1 Race 2
Group 1, Race 2, started out clean with single files lines around the track. Marc Martinez had a big incident on lap two where he backed it into the wall at the kink causing a full course yellow. The field went back to green on lap three with Chase Patzer in the lead followed by Dean Patzer and Shelby Blackstock. Shelby got around Dean on lap four and was able to hold the second place position until lap six where he was passed by Dean Patzer. Dean raced on the bumper of his brother Chase for the lead on but didn’t make the pass until lap nine where he took the checker flag followed by Shelby Blackstock and Chase Patzer in third position.


Group 1 Skip Barber Formula Summer Series, Road America
Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 1 Race 1   Group 1 Race 2
1. (1) Shelby Blackstock   1. (4) Dean Patzer
2. (5) Chase Patzer   2. (1) Shelby Blackstock
3. (9) Dr. Mike Edwards – GM   3. (2) Chase Patzer
4. (8) Greg Strelzoff – M   4. (19) David Levine
5. (4) Dean Patzer   5. (5) Kenton Koch
6. (11) Kenton Koch   6. (8) RC Enerson
7. (3) Alexey Dronov   7. (6) Alexey Dronov
8. (10) Pat Daly – GM   8. (18) Brian Hixon
9. (6) RC Enerson   9. (10) Eric Kostamaa – M
10. (16) Michael Lattos – GM   10. (14) Bobby Eberle – M
11. (14) Eric Kostamaa – M   11. (9) Michael Lattos – GM
12. (18) Keith Green – GM   12. (16) Alexander Peraza
13. (15) Ted Jewell – GM   13. (20) Brian Buri – M
14. (2) Jack Mitchell, Jr.   14. (15) Tyson Schwiesow – M
15. (19) Bobby Eberle – M   15. (11) Keith Green – GM
16. (21) Tyson Schwiesow – M   16. (12) Ted Jewell – GM
17. (17) Alexander Peraza   17. (21) Dr. Mike Edwards – GM
18. (20) Marc Martinez – GM   18. (3) Greg Strelzoff – M
19. (13) Bryan Hixon   19. (7) Pat Daly – GM
20. (7) David Levine   20. (13) Jack Mitchell, Jr.
21. (12) Brian Buri – M   21. (17) Marc Martinez – GM

Top Master: Dr. Mike Edwards
Pole Position: Shelby Blackstock
Fastest Lap: Chase Patzer (2:32.692 / 94.307 mph)
Most Improved: Dr. Mike Edwards, Michael Lattos, 6 positions each
Laps Lead: Jack Mitchell, Jr. 1; Dean Patzer 2; Mitchell Jr., 3-7, Dr. Mike Edwards 8, Mitchell Jr., 9, Shelby Blackstock 10

  Top Master: Eric Kostamaa
Pole Position: Shelby Blackstock
Fastest Lap: Alex Dronov (2:32.628 / 94.347 mph)
Most Improved:
Laps Lead: Scott Anderson 1-20

Group 2 Race 1 – MAZDASPEED Challenge
Group 2 Race 1 started out clean through turn one. Connor Bloum, the leader, looked a little defensive but did a nice job through turn three. Connor then got sideways and David Levine along with Shelby Blackstock got by. By lap two, Connor and Shelby were bumper to bumper. Meanwhile, a little back in the pack, Steven Molner and Diane Mould were going at it. Back up front, Shelby was burning the tires off his car to catch up to Connor. David Levine was trying to catch up to make it a three car battle. The battle heated up during lap five where Connor had a bit of oversteer in turn three which allowed Shelby to catch up a little. The fans in the stands were on their feet but Shelby didn’t take the pop. Lap eight showed a new leader in David Levine, and Connor went on the outside and crossed the dirt then rejoined. The top three were still nose to tail. Connor and Shelby worked together to attempt a run on the leader. On lap nine, Conner threw it into turn one while Levine kept his lead. Side by side down into breaking zone, Connor looked to the outside, giving Shelby and advantage. “Captain chaos in the lead” (Levine) David Levine took the win followed by Connor Bloum and Shelby Blackstock.

Connor Bloum

Group 2 Race 2
Group 2 Race 2 started out with David Levine leading the group, on his birthday, and he was able to hold his lead up to lap four where Connor Bloum made a nice pass to overtake the lead position. David Levine did not let it go easy and retook the position on lap five only to lose it to Connor again on lap six. Shelby Blackstock was able to hold onto his second place position until lap eight where David Levine passed him and held the position until the checker flag. At the checker flag on lap ten, Connor Bloum took the win followed by David Levine and Shelby Blackstock.


Group 2 MAZDASPEED Challenge, Lime Rock Park
Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 2 Race 1   Group 2 Race 2
1. (1) David Levine   1. (2) Connor Bloum
2. (3) Connor Bloum 2. (1) David Levine
3. (2) Shelby Blackstock 3. (3) Shelby Blackstock
4. (5) Gar Robinson   4. (4) Gar Robinson
5. (6) Felix Borodaty – M   5. (6) Jerry Dougherty – GM
6. (4) Jerry Dougherty – GM   6. (5) Felix Borodaty – M
7. (8) Diane Mould – GM 7. (10) Evan Flaxman
8. (9) Steven Molnar – GM 8. (8) Steven Molnar – GM
9. (10) Craig McIntyre – M 9. (9) Craig McIntyre – M
10. (7) Evan Flaxman 10. (7) Diane Mould – GM
11. (11) Michael Tomae – GM 11. (11) Michael Tomae – GM
Top Master: Felix Borodaty
Pole Position: David Levine
Fastest Lap: David Levine (2:48.940 / 85.237 mph)
Laps Lead: Connor Bloum 1-6; David Levine 7-8; Bloum 9; Levine 10
  Top Master: Jerry Dougherty
Pole Position: David Levine
Fastest Lap: David Levine (2:46.925 / 86.266 mph)
Most Improved: Evan Flaxman, 3 positions
Laps Lead: David Legine 1-3; Connor Bloum 4; Levine 5; Bloum 6-10

For Group 3, the BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National presented by Mazda reports, go here.

Group 4 Race 1
Group 4 Race 1, started with Jack Mitchell Jr. going backwards into the gravel pit which brought out a full course yellow. The re-start was a clean single file start led by Scott Anderson through turn one. Michael Johnson moved to third position by turn one, on lap two, then up to second place not long after. Everyone was together in a single file line. Dean Patzer still held the lead over Anderson. Michael Johnson took the lead with a good amount between himself and second place. A last minute pop, Greg Strelzoff looked on the inside but was too wide for fourth position. The top three were single file but a lot of “duckin’, weavin’ bobbin’, divin’” was going on. By lap seven Michael Johnson held a strong lead. He retained that lead up to the checkered flag where he took the win followed by Stefan Rzadzinski and Harsha Sen.

(l. to r. Rzadzinski P2, Johnson P1, Sen P3)

Group 4 Race 2
Group 4 Race 2 had Michael Johnson dominating the group by taking an early extended lead. A full course caution came out on the end of lap two for an incident involving Glenn Bryant. The green flag resumed on lap five with Michael Johnson still in the lead followed by Scott Anderson and Greg Strelzoff. Another caution was thrown on lap six for an incident involving Douglas Tuttle. The green flag resumed again on lap seven. Lap eight brought a strong pass for the lead by Scott Anderson who was able to maintain the position until Michael Johnson retook it before lap nine. The checkered flag flew on lap ten to a very happy Michael Johnson followed by Scott Anderson and Jake Eidson.


Group 4 Skip Barber Formula Southern Series, Road America
Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 4 Race 1   Group 4 Race 2
1. (4) Michael Johnson   1. (4) Michael Johnson
2. (5) Stefan Rzadzinski   2. (5) Scott Anderson
3. (9) Harsha Sen – GM   3. (9) Jake Eidson
4. (7) Greg Strelzoff – M   4. (7) Dr. Mike Edwards – GM
5. (8) Dr. Mike Edwards – GM   5. (8) Greg Strelzoff – M
6. (10) Paul Subject – GM   6. (10) Stefan Rzadzinski
7. (11) Ron Yarab   7. (11) Jack Mitchell Jr.
8. (13) Douglas Tuttle – GM   8. (13) Paul Subject – GM
9. (17) Gary Vizioli – GM   9. (17) Gary Vizioli – GM
10. (12) Shawn Smith – GM   10. (12) Ron Yarab
11. (15) Chris Erlon – M   11. (15) Harsha Sen – GM
12. (16) Jack Mitchell Jr.   12. (16) Shawn Smith – GM
13. (2) Scott Anderson   13. (2) Chris Erlon – M
14. (1) Jake Eidson   14. (1) Dean Patzer
15. (3) Dean Patzer   15. (3) Douglas Tuttle – GM
16. (14) Glenn Bryant – GM   16. (14) Glenn Bryant – GM
Top Master: Harsha Sen
Pole Position: Jake Eidson
Fastest Lap: Dr. Mike Edwards (2:32.539 / 94.402 mph)
Most Improved: Gary Vizioli, 8 positions
Laps Lead: Dean Patzer 1; Glenn Bryant 2; Scott Anderson 3; Michael Johnson 4-6; Anderson 7 Johnson 8-10

  Top Master: Dr. Mike Edwards
Pole Position: Michael Johnson
Fastest Lap: Stefan Rzadzinski (2:32.743 / 94.276 mph)
Most Improved: Scott Anderson and Jake Eidson, 11 positions each
Laps Lead: Michael Johnson 1-10

Group 5 Race 1
Group 5 Race 1 had a clean start, with the field going three wide going into turn five. They came out single file while Scott Hargrove led the big pack followed by Sebastian Ordonez and Tristan Nunez. On lap two, Sebastian Ordonez was the new leader but would be challenged going into turn eight by Tristan Nunez. Kenton Koch took the lead on lap four but they went three wide going into turn three. Sebastian Ordonez and Tristan Nunez split the leader which put Sebastian out front again. They were two wide, side by side, while Tristan was on the inside trying to get his spot back. On lap six, Lee Kaiser spun and backed up against the wall at turn twelve. Sebastian took the lead again on lap seven followed by Chase Patzer and Tristan Nunez. Chase managed a good pass for the win taking Tristan with him for second place which put Sebastian in third.


Group 5 Race 2
Group 5 Race 2 started with Sebastian Ordonez taking an early lead over Tristan Nunez. A caution was brought out on lap two for an incident involving Bryan Hixon and Kenton Koch. The green flag flew again on lap four with Sebastian still in the lead followed by Tristan Nunez and Greg Strelzoff. Danilo Estrela worked his way up to second position for laps six and seven but was passed by Tristan Nunez on lap eight. Sebastian Ordonez and Tristan Nunez take the checkered flag in first and second place but a contact penalty sends them to sixth and seventh respectively. Scott Hargrove took the win followed by Greg Strelzoff and Pat Daly.


Group 5 Skip Barber Formula Southern Series, Road America
Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 5 Race 1   Group 5 Race 2
1. (14) Chase Patzer   1. (9) Scott Hargrove
2. (2) Tristan Nunez   2. (5) Greg Strelzoff – M
3. (1) Sebastian Ordonez   3. (4) Pat Daly – GM

4. (7) Pat Daly – GM


4. (1) Chase Patzer

5. (6) Kenton Koch   5. (7) Andrew Hobbs
6. (4) Andrew Hobbs   6. (3) Sebastian Ordonez
7. (8) David Knight – GM   7. (2) Tristan Nunez
8. (3) Scott Hargrove   8. (15) Todd Soukup
9. (5) Danilo Estrela   9. (12) Maxwell Kluesendorf
10. (11) Bryan Hixon   10. (13) Matthew Thill
11. (16) Maxwell Kluesendorf   11. (18) Dr. Mike Edwards – GM
12. (10) Matthew Thill   12. (17) Lee Kaiser – GM
13. (17) Glenn Bryant – GM   13. (14) Ted Jewell – GM
14. (13) Ted Jewell – GM   14. (8) David Knight – GM
15. (15) Todd Soukup   15. (16) Kyle Knetch
16. (12) Kyle Knetch   16. (10) Danilo Estrela
17. (9) Lee Kaiser – GM   17. (11) Bryan Hixon
    18. (6) Kenton Koch
Top Master: Pat Daly
Pole Position: Sebastian Ordonez
Fastest Lap: Scott Hargrove (2:32.820 / 94.229 mph)
Most Improved: Chase Patzer, 13 positions
Laps Lead: Scott Hargrove 1; Sebastian Ordonez 2; Kenton Koch 3; Tristan Nunez 4; Patzer 5-6; Ordonez 7; Hargrove 6

  Top Master: Greg Strelzoff
Pole Position: Chase Patzer
Fastest Lap: Scott Hargrove (2:33.243 / 93.243 mph)
Most Improved: Scott Hargrove, 8 positions
Laps Lead: Sebastian Ordonez 1-10

2011 Top 10 Skip Barber Formula Summer Series
Championship Point Standings

1. 252 pts Scott Anderson
2. 230 Michael Johnson
3. 224 Stefan Rzadinski – R
4. 210 Kenton Koch
5. 210 Alexey Dronov – R
6. 196 Dr. Mike Edwards – GM
7. 195 Greg Strelzoff – M
8. 191 Brian Cook – M
9. 191 Chris Brassard – M
10. 186 Brian Cook – M


2011 Top 10 Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge Winter
Summer Series Championship Point Standings

1. 264 pts Connor Bloum – R
2. 208 Felix Borodaty – GM, R
3. 161 Jim Craige – M
4. 151 Shelby Blackstock
5. 107 Chip Howell – R
6. 94 Pablo Cisilino – M
7. 81 Aaron Fernandes
8. 67 David Levine
9. 62 Cameron McIntyre
10. 62 Jonathan Joseph – R



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