Summer Series and MAZDASPEED Challenge at Road Atlanta: Johnson and Bloum Lead Championships

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Summer Series and MAZDASPEED Challenge at Road Atlanta:
Johnson and Bloum Lead Championships

(Lakeville, Conn. Aug. 3) What do you get when you add together high humidity, red clay and a wicked cool race track? You get Road Atlanta of course! Round five of the Skip Barber Summer Series took place at this very track during the very hot weekend of July 21-23, 2011. Shelby Blackstock posted a new track record in the MX-5 group with a 1:46.820. The formula groups ran into several challenges, but in the end, all learned just what a challenging track this can be.


Group 1 Race 1 – Skip Barber Formula Summer Series

Group 1 Race 1 started out with Franco Aragones getting a good jump at the starting line. Gus Doppes had a run-in with the wall which brought out the full course yellow flag on lap two. The field had a nice, clean restart on lap five. Peter Ludwig caught up with Franco Aragones giving chase for second position while Tristan Nunez led the crowd on lap seven. Dr. Mike Edwards had started to get hounded by Michael Johnson for fourth position. Franco made a pop to take the lead on turn six sending Tristan back to second. The battle for fourth position heated up on lap eight with Michael Johnson taking it going into turn ten, sending Dr. Mike back to fifth. Meanwhile, Tristan managed to retake the lead followed by Franco and Peter Ludwig. There was a good chance that Dr. Mike and Michael Johnson decided to work together to catch up to third position making that a three car battle. �There was big speed from Tristan in the lead, on lap ten, as he took it back from Franco. Michael Johnson went two wide for third but couldn�t quite make it as Ludwig held on. Michael Johnson tried again but couldn�t get it done, and Ludwig had a good race for third. Franco back out front with heavy pressure from Tristan in turn six on lap thirteen. Michael Johnson tucked up into the tail end of the 81 car on lap fifteen. Tristan had the big lead to take the win followed by Franco Aragones.


Group 1 Race 2 – Skip Barber Formula Summer Series
Group 1 Race 2 was a clean start at the line. They were side by side into turn six. Sebastian Ordonez was in the lead followed by Tristan Nunez. They were three wide into ten, with a heck of a move by Shelby Blackstock. By lap two, they were three wide again down into one then four wide going to ten. Shelby came up to the lead through ten. Tristan got the lead followed by Sebastian and Shelby. Bryan Hixon had a little nose damage after slight contact with Greg Strelzoff on lap four. Shelby retook the lead heading through 10B with a gaggle behind him. Tristan and Sebastian worked together to catch Shelby for the lead on lap seven. On lap eight the gap for the lead had closed big time in turn three where Shelby lost his lead to Tristan. Lap eleven brought no cool air for the heated battle for first. Sebastian was the new leader followed by Shelby and Tristan. David Knight and Paul Fisk had a good battle for seventh as they kept switching back and forth on lap fourteen. Michael Johnson caught up to the pack taking second while Tristan took the lead on lap fifteen. Finally on lap sixteen, Tristan Nunez took the win followed by Shelby Blackstock, Sebastian Ordonez, Michael Johnson and RC Enerson.


Group 1 Skip Barber Formula Summer Series, Road Atlanta

Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 1 Race 1   Group 1 Race 2
1. (1) Tristan Nunez   1. (1) Tristan Nunez
2. (2) Franco Aragones   2. (19) Shelby Blackstock
3. (4) Michael Johnson   3. (3) Michael Johnson
4. (16) Sebastian Ordonez   4. (13) RC Enerson
5. (9) Peter Ludwig � M   5. (12) Paul Fisk � M
6. (17) Grayson Strathman   6. (7) David Knight � GM
7. (12) David Knight � GM   7. (17) Dr. Mike Edwards � GM
8. (13) Bryan Hixon   8. (9) Doug Tuttle � GM
9. (11) Doug Tuttle � GM   9. (2) Frano Aragones
10.(8) Andor Tobelem   10.(5) Peter Ludwig � M
11.(7) Greg Strelzoff � M   11.(11) Greg Strelzoff � M
12.(10) Paul Fisk � M   12.(19) Gus Doppes � GM
13.(5) RC Enerson 13.(7) Sebastian Ordonez
14.(14) Bobby Eberle � M 14.(14) Bobby Eberle
15.(15) Mike Waters � GM 15.(10) Andor Tobelem
16.(19) Ted Jewell � GM 16.(8) Bryan Hixon
17.(6) Dr. Mike Edwards � GM 17.(6) Grayson Strathman
18.(3) Shelby Blackstock 18.(16) Ted Jewell
19. (18) Gus Doppes – GM 19. (15) Mike Waters
Top Master: Peter Ludwig

Pole Position: Tristan Nunez

Fastest Lap: Sebastian Ordonez (1:35.513/95.736 mph)

Most Improved: Sebastian Ordonez (12 Positions)

Laps Lead: Tristan Nunez 1-7; Franco Aragones 8; Nunez 9; Aragones 10; Nunez 11-12; Aragones; Nunez 14-16

Top Master: Paul Fisk

Pole Position: Tristan Nunez

Fastest Lap: Sebastian Ordonez (1:34.505/96.757 mph)

Most Improved: Shelby Blackstock (17 Positions)

Laps Lead: Sebastian Ordonez 1-2; Shelby Blackstock 3; Tristan Nunez 4; Blackstock 5-8; Nunez 9; Ordonez 10-11; Blackstock 12; Ordonez 13-14; Nunez 15-16

Group 2 Race 1 � MAZDASPEED Challenge
Group 2 Race 1 started out with Shelby taking the lead down the back straightaway. Kieron O�Rourke was under fire going into one. Connor Bloum moved up from ninth to six in less than a lap. Shelby had a big lead on the rest of the pack. Gar Robinson moved up to second at the start/finish line which sent Kieron back to third on lap two. Connor was still making his way up the pack on lap four getting into fourth. Connor got underneath Gar for third, but Connor had to check up which made him unable to take the position on lap seven but by lap eight Connor made the pass taking third. Shelby had a massive 11 second lead on the rest of the pack. Steve Randall was doing everything he could to defend against Connor who was fast charging for second position on lap ten. Gar Robinson spun hard into turn five and the corner workers tried to get his car moved out of the impact zone on lap twelve. By lap thirteen turn five was all clear but covered by a local yellow for safety. Shelby took the win followed by Connor Bloum, DJ Randall, Steve Randall and Brad Randall. Felix Borodaty hit the wall in turn five after the checkers which left some debris on the track. This caused a delay in the start of group three.


Group 2 Race 2� MAZDASPEED Challenge
Group 2 Race 2, the green flag flew and all was well through turn five. Shelby started to break away from the rest of the field early on. DJ Randall hounded Connor Bloum for second on lap two. There was lots of smoke and huge lockup from Steve Randall on lap two which left debris on the track starting at turn nine. Lap five brought a full course caution after a few cars spun in the oil left behind by Steve Randall�s motor. The green flag came back out on lap eight and Connor Bloum had a heck of a restart moving up two places to fifth. Connor then made his way up to third in turn 10A. Shelby had about a one second lead over the rest of the group on lap ten. Connor had a run, made the pop and took second. Checkers were out on lap sixteen where Shelby Blackstock won followed by Connor Bloum, DJ Randall, Kieron O�Rourke and Gar Robinson.


Group 2 Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge, Road Atlanta

Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 2 Race 1   Group 2 Race 2
1. (1) Shelby Blackstock   1. (1) Shelby Blackstock
2. (9) Connor Bloum   2. (2) Connor Bloum
3. (5) D.J. Randall   3. (3) D.J. Randall
4.(4) Steve Randall � GM   4.(6) Kieron O�Rourke � M
5. (6) Brad Randall   5. (9) Gar Robinson
6. (2) Kieron O�Rourke � M   6. (5) Brad Randall
7. (7) Rod Randall � GM   7. (7) Rod Randall � GM
8. (8) Felix Borodaty � M   8. (8) Felix Borodaty � M
9. (3) Gar Robinson   9. (4) Steve Randall – GM
Top Master: Steve Randall

Pole Position: Shelby Blackstock

Fastest Lap: Shelby Blackstock (1:48.383/84.367 mph)

Most Improved: Connor Bloum (7 Positions)

Laps Lead: Shelby Blackstock 1-16

Top Master: Kieron O�Rourke

Pole Position: Shelby Blackstock

Fastest Lap: Connor Bloum (1:46.867/85.564)

Most Improved: Gar Robinson (4 Positions)

Laps Lead: Shelby Blackstock 1-16

Group 3 Race 1
Group 3 Race 1, started with all kinds of action. Jake Eidson and Peter Ludwig made an early move for the lead. George Morales retired with damage after a spin and slight contact with the wall on lap two. The field went back to single file through turn three on lap four. Jake Eidson had a little bit of a lockup but held onto the lead. Scott Hargrove was back out front followed by Jake Eidson. Shelby got back up to second behind Jake Eidson on lap five. For the first time unchallenged into turn one, the leaders started to pull away. Jack Mitchell Jr. had a little wiggle in seventh but he held onto it. They were really flying around the race track and even at one point sounded like Imperial TIE Fighters as they went over the rumble strips at the start/finish line. By lap ten, the leaders did not lose their passion for swapping places as they made their way up turn one. Harsha Sen raced through the field all day long to land himself in fifth position from a starting fifteenth. Scott Hargrove took the win followed by Jake Eidson, Shelby Blackstock and Peter Ludwig.


Group 3 Race 2
Group 3 Race 2 had a clean start at the line. Scott Hargrove went to an early lead while Dr. Mike attacked from the rear. Jake Eidson made a successful pop for the lead. They were three wide going into 10A then two wide then back to single file. There was a pop for the lead by Shelby Blackstock and he made it work. Peter Ludwig tank slapped and lost some speed which allowed Shelby to go by. Jake Eidson was back out front on lap three. There was a pop for the lead down the front straightaway by Hargrove on lap five and he made it stick which sent Jake Eidson back to second. Lap six brought a battle for second, side by side, between Jake Eidson and Shelby Blackstock. Peter Ludwig moved up to second and brought Shelby with him sending Jake Eidson back to fourth on lap nine. Dr. Mike was into the gravel on lap twelve and a full course caution was brought out to retrieve him as he was in an unsafe area. The race had to be finished under yellow which allowed for Scott Hargrove to win followed by Peter Ludwig, Shelby Blackstock, Jake Eidson and Andrew Hobbs.


Group 3 Skip Barber Formula Summer Series, Road Atlanta

Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 3 Race 1   Group 3 Race 2
1. (1) Scott Hargrove   1. (1) Scott Hargrove
2. (2) Jake Eidson   2. (4) Peter Ludwig � M
3. (3) Shelby Blackstock   3. (3) Shelby Blackstock
4.(5) Peter Ludwig � M   4.(2) Jake Eidson
5. (15) Harsha Sen � GM   5. (8) Andrew Hobbs
6. (9) Greg Strelzoff � M   6. (6) Greg Strelzoff � M
7. (7) Ryan Garcia   7. (11) Gus Doppes � GM
8. (10) Andrew Hobbs   8. (12) Alex Peraza
9. (12) Bryan Hixon   9. (7) Ryan Garcia
10. (6) Alexey Dronov   10. (9) Bryan Hixon
11. (4) Jack Mitchell Jr.   11. (10) Jack Mitchell Jr.
12. (13) Philip Mitchell � GM   12. (14) Franco Aragones
13. (16) Gus Doppes � GM 13. (13) Dr. Mike Edwards � GM
14. (11) Alex Peraza 14. (5) Harsha Sen � GM
15. (8) Dr. Mike Edwards – GM 15.
16. (14) George Morales 16.
Top Master: Peter Ludwig

Pole Position: Scott Hargrove

Fastest Lap: Peter Ludwig (1:35.850/95.399 mph)

Most Improved: Harsha Sen (10 Positions)

Laps Lead: Shelby Blackstock 1; Jake Eidson 2-3 Blackstock 4; Eidson 5-6; Hargrove 7-8; Blackstock 9-10; Eidson 11-13; �Peter Ludwig 14-15; Hargrove 16

Top Master: Peter Ludwig

Pole Position: Scott Hargrove

Fastest Lap: Scott Hargrove (1:35.394/95.855 mph)

Most Improved: Andrew Hobbs/Gus Doppes

Laps Lead:Jake Eidson 1; Shelby Blackstock 2-3;� Scott Hargrove 4; Eidson 5; Hargrove 6-16


2011 Top 10 Skip Barber Formula Summer Series
Championship Point Standings

1. 290 pts Michael Johnson
2. 274 Stefan Rzadinski – R
3. 252 Scott Anderson
4. 250 Tristan Nunez
5. 249 Kenton Koch
6. 248 Scott Hargrove – R
7. 234 David Knight – GM
8. 234 Greg Strelzoff – M
9. 233 Dr. Mike Edwards – GM
10. 231 Alexey Dronov – R

2011 Top 10 Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge Winter
Summer Series Championship Point Standings

1. 328 pts Connor Bloum – R
2. 254 Felix Borodaty – GM
3. 221 Shelby Blackstock
4. 161 Jim Craige – M
5. 107 Chip Howell – R
6. 104 Gar Robinson
7. 94 Pablo Cisilino – M
8. 81 Aaron Fernandes
9. 67 David Levine
10. 62 Cameron McIntyre



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