Summer Series and MAZDASPEED Challenge at Autobahn Country Club

Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Series and MAZDASPEED Challenge at Autobahn Country Club

(Braselton, GA. Aug. 23). It was the first time at the Autobahn Country Club for a Skip Barber Race Series weekend. Our MAZDASPEED Challenge MX-5 race cars were enhanced with new Penske Shocks leading to better races all weekend long. The drivers were fond of how easy the track was to drive and their lap times proved it. Scott Hargrove set the track record for the Formula Skip Barber race cars with a 1:30.826 and Connor Bloum set the record in the MAZDASPEED Challenge with a 1:41.875. All in all it was a great race weekend and we look forward to returning next year.


For Group 1, the BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National presented by Mazda, go here.

Group 2 Race 1 -Skip Barber Formula Summer Series
Group 2 Race 1 started off with two wave-offs at the line. We finally made it to green flag on the third try where Andrew Hobbs got a little sideways in turn six. Scott Anderson dropped a couple tires into five but stayed on track. Tristan Nunez was over Scott Hargrove going into six. Scott Hargrove, Tristan Nunez, Shelby Blackstock and Franco Aragones had a good battle for second. Tristan Nunez went under Scott Hargrove as they went into turn eleven. He took the position, but Scott fought back. On lap five, Sebastian Ordonez had a solid 10.5 car lengths over the rest. Tristan Nunez was still giving chase, Scott Hargrove maintained third. Scott Anderson and Franco Aragones went two wide but Franco tucked back in. Scott Anderson overtook Franco on the outside of eleven. By lap eight Shelby Blackstock and Scott Anderson joined the fight for the lead. Franco Aragones jumped over the curbing and Scott Anderson went three wide with Franco and Shelby and Scott prevailed. On lap nine, Sebastian Ordonez caught the back of the field and received a blue flag at six. Scott Anderson, in fourth, had broken away from Shelby Blackstock and Franco Aragones. By lap ten Franco Aragones and Shelby Blackstock were going back and fourth for fourth position. Tristan Nunez took the lead from Sebastian Ordonez on lap fourteen. They were nose to gearbox on lap fifteen where Sebastian Ordonez tried to take back the lead position. On the last lap Sebastian Ordonez had a run on Tristan Nunez, didn�t make it. Side by side at the apex of eleven, Tristan Nunez prevailed again. They came to the checkers with Tristan Nunez taking the win followed by Sebastian Ordonez, Scott Anderson, Scott Hargrove and Franco Aragones.


Group 2 Race 2- Skip Barber Formula Summer Series
Group 2 Race 2 started out pretty exciting. Tristan Nunez led the race while Andrew Hobbs took over sixth. RC Enerson spun at turn eleven and continued. Sebastian Ordonez looked to the outside of Scott Anderson, side by side at the apex which allowed Anderson a better run. Sebastian was all over the back of Anderson as they went through turn four. Michael Johnson came all the way from sixteenth to eight by lap four. Scott Hargrove joined the fight for third on lap six. Chris Brassard spun at turn eleven and continued. Scott Hargrove got by Tristan for third. Sebastian had a big run in eleven but Scott Anderson shut the door on him. On lap eight, they were three wide into turn one with Sebastian Ordonez on the outside and Scott Hargrove on the inside. Scott Anderson maintained the lead going into three. Tristan Nunez also stuck his nose in that mess.� As the field charged into turn one, Shelby and Franco joined the top four in battle. Dr. Mike Edwards was creeping his way up to join the battle as well. There were multiple pops for position but none worked. The next time by, on lap ten, cars went three wide again into turn one but Scott Anderson kept the lead followed by Scott Hargrove who passed Sebastian Ordonez for second. The top six were very tight again. Scott Anderson slid wide on lap eleven where Scott Hargrove took advantage and the lead. Scott Anderson got an outside move on Scott Hargrove but didn�t make it. Sebastian got an outside move and made it for second on lap fourteen. The checkers came out on lap fifteen with Scott Hargrove taking the win followed by Sebastian Ordonez, Scott Anderson, Franco Aragones and Dr. Mike Edwards.


Group 2 Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge, Autobahn Country Club

Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 2 Race 1   Group 2 Race 2
1. (4) Tristan Nunez   1. (4) Scott Hargrove
2. (2) Sebastian Ordonez   2. (2) Sebastian Ordonez
3. (16) Scott Anderson   3. (3) Scott Anderson
4. (1) Scott Hargrove   4. (5) Franco Aragones
5. (3) Franco Aragones   5. (8) Dr. Mike Edwards
6. (5) Shelby Blackstock   6. (1) Tristan Nunez
7. (6) RC Enerson   7. (6) Shelby Blackstock
8. (14) Dr. Mike Edwards   8. (10) Doug Tuttle
9. (9) Chris Brassard   9. (14) Gus Doppes
10. (10) Doug Tuttle   10. (9) Chris Brassard
11. (11) Azim Ghandi   11. (13) John Giddens
12. (7) Andrew Hobbs   12. (12) Andrew Hobbs
13.(13) John Giddens 13. (7) RC Enerson
14.(8) Gus Doppes 14.(16) Michael Johnson
15.(12) Brian Buri 15. (15) Brian Buri
16.(15) Michael Waters 16. (11) Azim Ghandi
Pole Position: Scott Hargrove

Fastest Lap: Tristan Nunez (1:34.131/ 80.314)

Most Improved: Scott Anderson (13 Positions)

Laps Lead: Sebastian Ordonez 1-11; Tristan Nunez 12-14

Pole Position: Tristan Nunez

Fastest Lap: Scott Hargrove (1:30.826 / 83.236 mph)

Most Improved: Gus Doppes (5 Positions)

Laps Lead: Scott Anderson 1-11; Scott Hargrove 12-14

Group 3 Race 1 – Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge
Group 3 Race 1 started with Dan Martinson and John DuBets side by side for second. Shelby Blackstock took the early lead. There was a pop for sixth by Tristan Nunez but he thought better of it and tucked back in. John DuBets caught up to Shelby Blackstock quickly. Tristan Nunez got up to sixth after electing to start from the back. Shelby Blackstock had a pretty good lead so far. There were no real changes until lap five when Michael Thomae spun and continued from turn ten. On lap nine, Shelby Blackstock�s country song was falling off the charts as Tristan Nunez was noticeably closer each time by. Jack Mitchell Jr had a big moment out of ten but he held onto it. By lap twelve, Tristan Nunez had a run on Shelby Blackstock but he wasn�t quite able to do it. Ward Herst and Mike Strommen had a great battle for sixth as well. Shelby Blackstock missed the apex at ten and Tristan Nunez took advantage of it by making a pop to the outside but can�t get it done. Tristan Nunez stayed right on Shelby Blackstock�s bumper as they go into twelve. The checkers came out on lap seventeen with Shelby Blackstock followed by Connor Bloum, Tristan Nunez, Jack Mitchell Jr and Jeff Engelsma.


Group 3 Race 2 – Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge
Group 3 Race 2 started out very exciting with Connor Bloum missing a shift and going way back in the field. John Dubets had a good run and made his way up to third from fifth. A three car battle formed going into turn six � Connor took over third and Jack Mitchell Jr. took over fourth. Tristan Nunez went inside of Ward Herst Jr. and also got by Brandon Gardner for seventh. Shelby Blackstock�s lead was not shrinking at this point. Tristan made his way up to fifth. Connor knocked on the backdoor of John DuBets but couldn�t make it. Connor Bloum made a move and takes second from John DuBets. The battle was for third with Jack Mitchell Jr. being right there with John DuBets. Connor Bloum flashed his lights hoping to distract Shelby Blackstock on lap four. Tristan Nunez now up to fourth. Jack Mitchell Jr. got around Tristan Nunez for fourth while John DuBets put a little gap between them on lap six. Shelby Blackstock lost a second on his gap between himself and Connor Bloum. Connor had Shelby within striking distance, on lap nine, only eight car lengths separated them now. On lap eleven, Connor Bloum was all over Shelby Blackstock through five. John DuBets & Tristan Nunez left Jack Mitchell Jr behind. The leaders were single file through eight. Connor Bloum made the pop, went out four off, reported to the pits. Shelby Blackstock was excited about Connor�s mistake. John DuBets looked to catch up to Shelby Blackstock on lap fourteen. Jack Mitchell Jr. did a really good job through one to catch up to John DuBets. Jack Mitchell Jr. was all over the back of John DuBets for second. Shelby Blackstock maintained a steady lead and took the win followed by John DuBets, Jack Mitchell Jr., Connor Bloum and Ward Herst Jr.


Group 3 Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge, Autobahn Country Club

Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 3 Race 1   Group 3 Race 2
1. (1) Shelby Blackstock   1. (1) Shelby Blackstock
2. (9) Connor Bloum   2. (5) John DuBets
3. (12) Tristan Nunez   3. (3) Jack Mitchell Jr.
4.(10) Jack Mitchell Jr.   4. (2) Connor Bloum
5. (4) Jeff Engelsma   5. (4) Ward Herst Jr.
6. (6) Ward Herst Jr.   6. (9) Tristan Nunez
7. (5) Mike Strommen   7. (6) Felix Borodaty
8. (2) John DuBets   8. (7) Brandon Gardner
9. (3) Dan Martinson   9. (8) Michael Tomae
10. (11) Felix Borodaty  
11. (7) Brandon Gardner  
12. (8) Michael Thomae  
Pole Position: Shelby Blackstock

Fastest Lap: Tristan Nunez (1:42.085/ 74.056 mph)

Most Improved: Tristan Nunez (9 Positions)

Laps Lead: Shelby Blackstock 1-17

Pole Position: Shelby Blackstock

Fastest Lap: Connor Bloum (1:41.875/ 74.209 mph)

Most Improved: John DuBets, Tristan Nunez (3 positions each)

Laps Lead: Shelby Blackstock 1-17

Group 4 Race 1
In Group 4 Race 1 Jack Mitchell Jr took an early lead from Franco Aragones. Dr Mike Edwards moved up to second from fifth. On lap four, Stefan Rzadzinski was feeling the pressure from Shelby Blackstock while Shelby felt the pressure from Franco Aragones. Jack Mitchell was still in the lead enjoying the guys behind him battling it out. Franco Aragones had a run, as did Shelby who was side by side with Stefan. Franco went for another pop, Stefan let him have it. Jack Mitchell Jr was checking out on lap seven. Franco still looked at Shelby but didn�t make any moves yet. The leaders were looking to catch up to the Michael Waters to start their lapping. Shelby attempted to make Franco work with him to catch up to Jack.� Back further in the pack, on lap eight, Greg Holloway made a move on Marc Martinez. Dr. Mike had a run, looked to pop on Kenton for fifth. They all had pretty good battles as well. The checkers came out on lap seventeen to a happy Jack Mitchell Jr. with his first East Coast win followed by Shelby Blackstock, Franco Aragones, Stefan Rzadzinski and Kenton Koch.


Group 4 Race 2
In Group 4 Race 2 Jack Mitchell Jr. took an early lead from the pole. The group had broken up into two packs early on. They were single file through nine and ten. Stefan Rzadzinski popped for the lead but didn�t make it. They went back to single file by thirteen. Stefan Rzadzinski was the new leader with about a four car length lead going into turn four. Franco Aragones got up to third followed by Shelby Blackstock. Shelby popped but Franco was not going to give it up. Jack Mitchell Jr had broken away from the third place battle on lap two but still needed to catch up to leader Stefan Rzadzinski. Michael Johnson and Dr. Mike Edwards hung back watching the battle for third, waiting to get involved. Stefan Rzadzinski was still pulling away from the rest of the race. Shelby Blackstock was starting to gain on Stefan Rzadzinski for the lead on lap six. Greg Holloway pulled away from Steve Mayer and looked to start a battle with Doug Tuttle for ninth position. Stefan Rzadzinski�s rear wing was bouncing around but he was able to maintain great speed to hold onto his lead on lap eight. Shelby Blackstock created a little gap in second. Greg Holloway slowly reeled in Doug Tuttle for ninth. Franco Aragones wasn�t not too far behind Shelby Blackstock still ready to battle for second. Michael Johnson and Dr. Mike Edwards still had a phenomenal battle for sixth. Franco Aragones really caught up to Shelby Blackstock for second position on lap twelve. Stefan Rzadzinski maintained his lead over the rest. Franco Aragones caught up to Shelby Blackstock, looking to battle for position. Franco attempted to pass Shelby but didn�t make it. Jack Mitchell Jr took advantage and the third position. Franco went from third to fifth at turn one, on lap fourteen. Stefan Rzadzinski took the win followed by Shelby Blackstock, Jack Mitchell Jr., Kenton Koch and Franco Aragones.


Group 4 Skip Barber Formula Summer Series, Autobahn Country Club

Starting Position in Parenthesis

Group 4 Race 1   Group 4 Race 2
1. (2) Jack Mitchell Jr.   1. (3) Stefan Rzadzinski
2. (1) Franco Aragones   2. (7) Shelby Blackstock
3. (7) Stefan Rzadzinski   3. (1) Jack Mitchell Jr.
4. (4) Kenton Koch   4. (4) Kenton Koch
5. (6) Michael Johnson   5. (2) Franco Aragones
6. (5) Dr. Mike Edwards   6. (5) Michael Johnson
7. (3) Shelby Blackstock   7. (6) Dr. Mike Edwards
8. (8) Gus Doppes   8. (8) Bobbly Eberle
9. (9) Bobbly Eberle   9. (12) Doug Tuttle
10. (10) Stephen Mayer   10. (11) Greg Holloway
11. (11) Marc Martinez   11. (10) Marc Martinez
12. (13) Greg Holloway   12. (9) Stephen Mayer
13.(12) Michael Waters
Pole Position: Franco Aragones

Fastest Lap: Franco Aragones (1:33.826 /80.575 mph)

Most Improved: Stefan Rzadzinski (4 Positions)

Laps Lead: Jack Mitchell Jr 1-17

Pole Position: Jack Mitchell Jr.

Fastest Lap: Franco Aragones (1:31.353 /82.756 mph)

Most Improved: Shelby Blackstock (5 Positions)

Laps Lead: Jack Mitchell Jr. 1; Stefan Rzadzinski 2-15



Championship Point Standings

1. 427 pts Tristan Nunez

2. 403 Michael Johnson

3. 402 Scott Hargrove – R

4. 400 Shelby Blackstock

5. 395 Stefan Rzadinski – R

6. 347 Kenton Koch

7. 341 Franco Aragones

8. 336 Greg Strelzoff – M

9. 332 David Knight – GM

10. 332 Chris Brassard – GM

2011 Top 10 Skip Barber MAZDASPEED Challenge Winter

Summer Series Championship Point Standings

1. 458 pts Connor Bloum – R

2. 355 Shelby Blackstock

3. 347 Felix Borodaty – GM

4. 215 Jim Craige – M

5. 164 Gar Robinson

6. 137 Pablo Cisilino – M

7. 107 Chip Howell – R

8. 106 Steven Craige – GM

9. 97 Zoran Mitrovski – M

10. 81 Aaron Fernandes


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