Reger and O’Rourke Have Strong Showing at Opener of Championship Series in Road Atlanta


Rounds 1 & 2 of the Skip Barber Championship Series

The kick-off of the inaugural 2016 Skip Barber Championship Series at Road Atlanta was nothing short of exhilarating. Racers from across the globe including Mexico, Spain and Australia joined American drivers in difficult conditions with mixed rain showers throughout the weekend. Past Skip Barber Racing School champions Timo Reger and Kyle Masson showcased their prowess as both battled to the end to gain their respective wins.

With margins of victory as low as .022 and constant lead changes, the two gave a sneak preview of this year’s competitive field. Other notable racers include Rookies who didn’t let their inexperience in the car slow them down. Rookie and Georgia native Simon Sikes took home his first win in a Skip Barber Racing School event. Rookie Tazio Torregiani took home a podium finish in Group 3. 2015 Karts to Cars participant Andre Castro also had a spectacular weekend taking home a 1st place finish as well as a 2nd place podium.

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In the MAZDASPEED Challenge, Kieron O’Rourke ran away with the win in grand fashion in race 1. With a margin of victory of more 26 seconds, O’Rourke showcased what experience could achieve.  In Race 2, competitors would challenge O’Rourke with Adam Diamond narrowly missing the top spot by a mere .245 seconds.

Group 1, Race 1

Podium Finishes  1st Place: Timo Reger  2nd Place: Kyle Masson  3rd Place: Devin Wojcik
Margin of Victory  00:00.022
Lead Changes  4
Hard Chargers  Nicolas Bakker with 7 positions Kyle Masson with 7 positions
Fastest Lap   Timo Reger in lap 11 with 01:39.286

Group 1, Race 2 

Podium Finishes 
1st Place: Kyle Masson 
2nd Place: Timo Reger 
3rd Place: Simon Sikes 
Margin of Victory 
Lead Changes 
Hard Chargers 
Simon Sikes with 8 positions
Fastest Lap 
Timo Reger in lap 6 with 01:38.478


Group 2, Race 1


Podium Finishes 1st Place: Kieron O’Rourke  2nd Place: Hunter Cestoni  3rd Place: Adam Diamond
Margin of Victory 00:26.281
Lead Changes 0
Fastest Lap Kieron O’Rourke in lap 2 with 01:46.231

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 4.16.19 PM

Group 2, Race 2

Podium Finishes 
1st Place: Kieron O’Rourke
2nd Place: Adam Diamond 
3rd Place: Hunter Cestoni
Margin of Victory 
Lead Changes 
Hard Chargers 
Darren Arns with 4 positions
Fastest Lap 
Adam Diamond in lap 10 with 01:45.057


Group 3, Race 1 

Podium Finishes  1st Place: Andre Castro 2nd Place: Benjamin Waddell 3rd Place: Vincent Khristov
Margin of Victory  00:00.248
Lead Changes  7
Hard Chargers  Matt Widner with 4 positions
Fastest Lap   Benjamin Waddell in lap 6 with 01:39.813

Group 3, Race 2 

Podium Finishes  1st Place: Simon Sikes 2nd Place: Andre Castro  3rd Place: Tazio Torregiani 
Margin of Victory  00:00.107
Lead Changes  13
Hard Chargers  Clay Magouryk with 4 postions Tazio Torregiani with 4 positions
Fastest Lap  Clay Magouryk in lap 8 with 01:39.412

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 4.19.17 PM

Racers will have some time off before heading to Pittsburgh International Race Complex on June 22, 2016 for Rounds 3 & 4 of the series.

Points Standing
Formula  Master’s  MAZDASPEED 
Timo Reger—70 John Purcell—70 Kieron O’Rourke—72
Andre Castro—68 Michael Waters—32 Adam Diamond—63
Kyle Masson—67 Hunter Cestoni—62
Simon Sikes—65 Robert Noaker—56
Benjamin Waddell—59 Christopher Warner—52


About Skip Barber Racing School

Since 1975, Skip Barber Racing School has been the leader in training motorsport legends of the future through entry-level, equal car championships. The Skip Barber Racing School Formula Championship (formerly “Summer”) Series is a continuation to this pledge to train the next generation of professional racers.  With the series offering the most lucrative purse seen in its history, a $200,000 scholarship, the season promises to be competitive with racers traveling the globe to compete. Skip Barber Racing School launched the auto racing careers of Ryan Hunter-Reay, Marco Andretti, Scott Speed, A.J. Allmendinger, Raphael Matos, John Edwards, Conor Daly, Josef Newgarden, Spencer Pigot and many more.

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