Fall is a magical time to drive at Lime Rock Park

It can be easily argued that Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park is the most significantly historic road racing circuit in North America. Opened in 1957, Lime Rock’s circuit remains exactly the same as when it opened in spring of that year. The 1.50 mile circuit is deceivingly simple but immensely challenging.

It was Lime Rock Park that hosted the race that forever changed the face of motorsports in America, the 1959 Formula Libre event. The best pros and the best amateurs in the best cars went head-to-head. Indy 500 winner Roger Ward won that contest in a midget, besting F1 cars and world championship sports cars and drivers. Thanks to Lime Rock and the Formula Libre event, road racing became a significant element of the American sporting scene.

Teen Advanced Safe Driving School
The Teen Safety and Survival School is a full day hands-on course for teenage drivers with at least a learners permit and 20 hours of driving experience. It conveys the same vehicle dynamics message delivered in the 1 Day Driving School, but also emphasizes greater “street awareness”, survival skills and a thorough review of road etiquette. Important fundamental skills including emergency and defensive driving exercises are included in the curriculum.

Registration Dates: October 3   October 11   October 31

1 Day Driving School
The Driving School provides a foundation for safe and proficient driving. Students of this one-day program gain a greater understanding of vehicle dynamics. Knowing how a car will respond in an emergency situation is critical to knowing how to avoid one. During this school you participate in accident avoidance exercises like panic braking and emergency lane changes. You will also learn how to properly correct a skid, practice slides and recoveries, and introduce yourself to performance driving on the autocross course.

Registration Dates: October 3   October 11   October 31

1 Day Racing School
The 1 Day Racing School is the perfect program for the person new to racing. This day long experience allows the student to drive our race cars on the race track. This school begins with an in-depth classroom session going over the racing line and vehicle dynamics. The program rapidly picks up the pace as you experience the thrill of the high horsepower, high grip school cars. This is the ideal program for helping the motorsport enthusiast. Once you try the 1 Day Racing School, you are sure to want to come back for more.

Registration Dates: October 1   October 9    October 29

3 Day Racing School
Every driver’s gateway to Motorsports and racing! This is Skip Barber Racing School’s signature product – with a curriculum that combines classroom sessions with practical hands on seat time. The Three Day Racing School is a prerequisite for racers interested in obtaining a club, professional or international racing license. Graduates are eligible for an SCCA Novice Permit.

Registration Dates: October 1   October 9  October 29

2 Day Advanced Racing School
The 2 Day Advanced Racing School picks up right where the 3 Day Racing School leaves off to help transition the student to Racer. Students will polish the skill set developed, while adding speed and consistency through passing drills and lead follow lapping to help the student get comfortable with finding speed. In order to register for the 2 Day Advanced Racing School, you must have successfully completed out 3 Day Racing School or show equivalent experience. Graduates are eligible for an SCCA Full Competition License.

Registration Dates: October 2   October 10 

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