Cyber Weekend Sale starts today!

The green flag is waving on our first-ever Cyber Weekend Sale at the Skip Barber Racing School with incredible discounts on schools, swag and gift certificates.  What a gift!  What a ride!  What an opportunity!  Starting today four days only – November 23, 24, 25 and 26, all 2019 Skip Barber Racing Schools FOR UP TO 20% OFF!

You know they’ve been wondering what you’d like for the holidays.  Here it is! Skip Barber Racing School Gift Certificates are here – and all Cyber Weekend save up to 20% on certificates good for racing schools throughout the country.

Don’t leave them in the dust.  Pass this along so that you can celebrate a Happy 2019 at a Skip Barber Racing School.

Skip Barber Swag is 30% OFF!. Make turns. Not returns! Shop at Skip Barber Racing School thisCyber Weekend for the gift that will bring joy, to your family and friends!

Shop online at or call us at 866-932-1949. Don’t get lapped! The Cyber Weekend offer ends Monday!

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