The – Salutes our Winter Driving Clinic

Nearly 5 million readers of The got to share Lawrence Ulrich’s Skip Barber Racing School Winter Driving Clinic experience in January.

His reaction was nothing short of amazing.

“In my perfect world, a driving school like Skip Barber would be driver’s ed,” pronounced Ulrich. “A required curriculum for all licensed drivers, taught by real professionals, that teaches actual car-control skills.”

Skills.  Technique.  Experience.  Confidence.  Those are all the results of a one day Winter Driving Clinic.  As Philip Weymouth, 19-year old participant said when the day ended – “This would make anyone a better driver.”


Just presenting “the numbers” makes a compelling case.  “Drivers between ages 16 and 19 are three times as likely to die in a car crash than drivers 20 or older.”

There were over 37,000 traffic fatalities in 2017.  Any effort to reduce that figure has to be welcomed.  Experiencing the one day Skip Barber Racing School Winter Driving Clinic is a compelling way to do just that.

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Want to read Lawrence Ulrich’s complete article on The  We think it’s VERY compelling.

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