SCCA iRacing Season One Champion

From SCCA competition flagman to the incredible experience of a 3 Day Skip Barber Racing School is the result of Paul Darling’s devotion to iRacing.  In his own words, “Flaggers can drive well, too …” and, now, the Season One SCCA iRacing Champion is going to be driving a whole lot better.

SCCA iRacing partners with the Skip Barber Racing School to award the top prize for series competition – a Skip Barber Three Day.  Season Two is firing up, right now, so check out and, while you’re at it, click through to choose from the full range of Skip Barber Racing School programs. We’ve got mesmerizing schools offered in one day, Three day and Two Day Advanced formats … and we offer them at great road courses across the US and in Canada.

To be a champion, learn to drive like a champion. Paul Darling’s on the way.  How about you?

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