Back Home Again

It’s right up there with “God, Bless America” and “America the Beautiful.” It’s not our National Anthem, but it’s revered for its place of honor in sporting legend.

When “Back Home, Again, in Indiana” wafts over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the world knows The 500 is about to start. We’re going racing!

Composed in 1917 by James Hanley and Ballard MacDonald, the song has been sung at The Brickyard since 1946, over 40 times by Jim Nabors who gave his last rendition in 2014.

If the lure of the Speedway and the challenge of going racing in Formula 4 open-wheel race cars draws you to Indiana, then come join the Skip Barber Racing School as we bring Formula 4 race cars to the world’s most famous track.

We’re the first  (and best) racing school ever invited to offer our curriculum at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  With good reason. Our one, three and two-day advanced courses are recognized around the world. Dozens of IndyCar drivers and champions are Skippy graduates. This is their track.  Now, this is YOUR track.

So, it’s time to take your place on the legendary course. Experience what it’s like to take a Formula 4 rocketship through its paces with instruction, mentoring and coaching from the finest race car driving instructors – the Skip Barber Racing School team. Come join us October 8 – October 14.

Come on “back home in Indiana!”

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