The Corkscrew

On the course map, it’s merely Turn 8 and Turn 8A. In real life, it’s The Corkscrew, rated one of the most challenging turns in motor racing.

You can watch the amateurs, and the masters navigate The Corkscrew on endless video clips, or you can experience it for yourself. Join us as The Skip Barber Racing School offers One Day, Three Day, and the coveted Two Day Advanced Racing Schools at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey County, California.

There will also be Hagerty Driving Academy dates, as well. You can join us to learn what your car can do but, more importantly, what you can do in your car.

Now let’s get back to the Corkscrew. The apex is on the uphill. There’s a blind crest, then a 59-foot drop. Measuring it another way, that’s over five-stories.

Your heart is in your mouth. You catch sight of the cypress tree thriving on the opposite side of the track. It’s reassuring to know you’re coming back to earth.

You’re laser-focused. Left. Then right. Then under the bridge. You’ve done it. You’ve conquered The Corkscrew. Now add power.

Want to drive it yourself? We have dates at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca in November – and the full array of class offerings in December. We’re also offering Hagerty Driving Academy safe-driving programs.

To register, click the links below or call 866-932-1949 and speak to one of our representatives.

One Day Racing School
November 26  //  December 26

Two Day Advanced Racing Schools
November 26  //  December 19  //  December 26

Hagerty Driving Academy
November 27   //    December 18   //   December 27

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