Road Atlanta – A track that offers a challenge

Make no mistake. Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta is one tough track which makes it the perfect place to experience The Skip Barber Racing School. There are no names on the curves and straightaways, just numbers. After the hard right in turn 1, you’ve never experienced anything like the esses called turns 2, 3, 4, and 5.

With a vibrant history and the annual host to the legendary Petit Le Mans 10-hour homage to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Road Atlanta will challenge your inner racer with excellent mentoring by the Skip Barber Racing School instructors. One, Three, and Two Day Advanced racing courses are on offer as well as the fascinating Introduction to Racing and energizing Hagerty Driving Academy.

Join us at Road Atlanta in March and challenge one of the most engaging road racing tracks in America. This is an opportunity to have your innate talent, and commitment refined and encouraged by race-proven instructors. That’s the Skip Barber Racing School “magic,” and the number one reason that why, after 45 years of grooming champions, we’re eager to welcome you to the family.

Introduction to Racing  March 16
One Day Racing School  March 16
Three Day Racing School  March 16
Two Day Advanced Racing School  March 17
Hagerty Driving Academy March 18

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