Upcoming Schools at Lime Rock Park!

Few tracks are as well known and loved as Lime Rock Park. This classic 1.53 mile, 7-turn course has challenged some of the world’s best drivers since 1957. We head to Lime Rock Park with our One Day Racing School and Advanced Coaching.

The One Day Racing School is the perfect program for the person new to racing. This day long experience allows the driver to experience our race prepared school cars on the race track. This school begins with an in-depth classroom session going over the racing line and vehicle dynamics. The program rapidly picks up the pace as you experience the thrill these high horsepower, high grip race cars with lead follow laps on the race track! This is the ideal program for helping the motorsport enthusiast.

Advanced Coaching spots are also available at Lime Rock Park the week of June 20th. Our Advanced Coaching program offers extensive on-track time with individualized feedback to help you attain your racing or driving goals. Advanced Coaching includes personalized coaching and data/video review. If you are looking to advance your racing, Advanced Coaching is the ideal program.

One-Day GT Racing School – June 20th – Register Now!
One-Day GT Racing School – June 21st – Register Now!
One-Day GT Racing School – June 22nd – Register Now!

To book Advanced Coaching, please call us at 866-932-1949 or email Spe[email protected] for more information.

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