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Two Day Advanced Racing School

The Two Day Advanced Racing School is just as it sounds, advanced. This school picks up right where the Three Day Racing School leaves off and helps the participant transition from student to Racer. In this school, students are able to polish the skill set developed, while adding speed and consistency. In addition to on-track instruction from world-renowned instructors, drivers go wheel-to-wheel against the instructors to practice race situations and hone their racecraft.

Program Details

Day One

The first day starts off with a classroom session on advanced vehicle dynamics including trail braking and rotation and a line talk. Then it is off to the auto-cross to practice these advanced car control skills. After a gourmet lunch, its off to the track for lapping sessions with instructor feedback for the remainder of the day

Day Two

The second day leads off with a passing talk, then it’s out to the track where students will go wheel-to-wheel with their instructors and learn how to pass and be passed. After lunch, a classroom session on strategy and race starts will ensure you are ready for first SCCA race weekend, then its back on track for more lapping and expert instructor feedback! You will spending the remainder of the day on track, polishing your new found skills!

Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed the 3 Day Racing School, or show similar experience in order to enroll in the 2 Day Advanced Racing School

Successful graduates of this program will be eligible for a SCCA Full Competition License.  

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