All Skip Barber graduates are eligible for a 15% discount on any SimCraft APEX Pro product.  Skip Barber Inside Line Members received a free gift with their purchase as well! APEX Pro is a full service offering including delivery, installation, training, service, etc.  SimCraft units are not designed as sim racing rigs, but as driver development solutions that translate to real life track experience, which is why we believe this is the ultimate driver training simulator rig.

SimCraft was created by Skip Barber Racing School graduates:

“My three day formula school with Skip Barber at Road Atlanta was truly three days of R&D. My objective was to learn car control in the cockpit of the real thing to have a better understanding of high speed vehicle dynamics.  No doubt, my time with Skip Barber directly contributed to the development of the most advanced motion simulation technology ever developed.” -Sean Patrick MacDonald – Co Founder and CTO of SimCraft:

Unlimited Seat Time at a fixed cost.  The APEX Pro Racing Simulators come either in a small footprint (Up to 2 Axis of Motion) or large footprint (3+ axis of motion).  All of which can fit through a normal sized door because of the unique modular framework.

You can also configure your own APEX units to your custom specifications!


SimCraft APEX PRO Racing Simulators

Built from the ground up for its intended purpose, the APEX product line from SimCraft is an extensive elite-quality racing simulator class, with price and performance models up and down the entire line. With proprietary motion simulation technology unlike any other on the market and in development for nearly two decades, SimCraft’s proprietary motion technology in APEX form is the choice of many professional drivers and teams: the professionals agree, physics matter. The APEX motorsport simulator line from SimCraft features the stiffest and most advanced chassis designs with the highest fidelity motion technology for motorsport training.

APEX PRO Racing Simulators are a complete system that is shipped assembled and ready for use. It is extremely small in footprint, 4′ x 5′, and all electronics are onboard the unit. No external PC box on the ground, and no electronics box of any kind. APEX PRO units run off an MSI gaming laptop positioned above the center screen.

APEX2 Pro – Yaw and Pitch

The APEX2 PRO from SimCraft – realistic simulation featuring yaw and pitch motion where you can feel oversteer and understeer, the limit of adhesion, terrain changes such as uphills/downhills, curbing, bumps, and fore/aft weight transfer for a braking feel in a motion simulator like you have never felt in a sim.

Configure My Own APEX2

APEX4 Pro – Yaw, Pitch, Roll and Surge or Sway

The APEX4 PRO, a true “pro racing simulator” with advanced motion simulation technology including yaw for effective race preparation and training. Featuring SimCraft’s 4DOF motion system with roll, pitch, yaw, surge OR sway which allows you to feel the limit of adhesion, understeer/oversteer, side slip, accel and decel, terrain changes such as hills, banking, curbing, bumps, camber, and left/right and fore/aft weight transfer in a motion simulator like you have never felt in a sim.

Configure My Own APEX4

APEX6 Pro – Yaw, Pitch, Roll, Surge, Sway and Heave

The APEX6 PRO, a true “full motion racing simulator” with advanced motion simulation technology including all 6DOF.   Featuring SimCraft’s 6DOF motion system with roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway, and heave which allows you to feel the limit of adhesion, understeer/oversteer, side slip, accel and decel, terrain changes such as hills, banking, curbing, bumps, camber, and both left/right and fore/aft weight transfer, suspension compression, and side wall deflection in a motion simulator like you have never felt in a sim.

Configure My Own APEX6

Why SimCraft?

SimCraft, located in Marietta, GA is the worldwide leader in Virtual Vehicle Technology. The company’s disruptive motion simulation technology can be linked with any software spanning multiple industries, including Motorsport, Aviation, Military, Emergency Services, Drivers Education, and Specialty Research applications.

The benefit of the SimCraft Motion Technology, its proprietary control software, and unique mechanically isolated actuation, is that the cockpit is positioned in zero gravity, which allows the rotational axes of motion and translational axes of motion to work seamlessly based on physics, exactly how vehicles move in earth gravity. Every degree of freedom is truly independent of each other.

This technology can provide a one-to-one relationship with the mathematics between the simulation software and the SimCraft hardware. One setting change only affects one axis. One to one.

Isolated axis control, which means the ability to turn all others off to focus on that sensation only, is the secret to building a motion profile that neurologically connects to the driver or pilot.

This is why it feels so realistic. It becomes user defined simulation, connected to how their brain perceives the relationship between the software and hardware. How my brain perceives it is not how yours does. Motion profiles are not one-size-fits-all. In this context, SimCraft’s Motorsport Simulation solution is a true driver development offering that translates to the real world, not a just a sim racing offering.

Some cheaper approaches in this space disconnect the visuals from their motion, introducing a negative element in the fidelity of the simulation. In the Stewart Platform, which has been historically used for race engineering, actuation is synchronized or tied in unison, which means one mathematical change in motion means 6 mathematical changes. In order to make one motion cue, all 6 actuators have to move at once. One-to-Six.

This is the 1st time in history that the neurological connection between the software and the hardware can be accomplished. This Virtual Vehicle Technology, adaptable to any software in the world, is the future of simulation, which we believe is the most scientifically effective method for simulation moving forward.

Not only is it the most scientifically effective, the unique modular framework allows for this technology to be built one axis at a time. Start with a budget that feels comfortable, and continue on the upgrade path when you’re ready to accomplish one axis of motion, or all 6 degrees of motion over time. As a Driver in the Loop Race Engineering Solution or an At-Home Unlimited Seat Time Driver Development Solution, the SimCraft Motion Technology is the paradigm shift the simulation industry has been waiting for.


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